Etched Vinyl Privacy Film

Open floor plans are now considered the norm when selecting an office space. To heighten the impression of an absence of barriers, glass walls are becoming standard. When you want a product that affords you some privacy while keeping the glass panes in place, consider etched vinyl privacy film.

  • Inexpensive. There is no need to send the glass to a shop for a factory treatment that gives you etched panes. Instead, rely on inexpensive vinyl film applications that provide a customized frosted appearance.
  • Opaque to slightly transparent. Depending on your design requirements, the uncut material presents with an opaque appearance that allows light to come through but keeps prying eyes outside. If you like us to cut shapes into the material, you will add areas of translucency to the mix.
  • Branding opportunities. Cutouts include the logo, company name or entire mottos. Brand you space by adding bands of treated etched vinyl privacy film along your windows. By reverse cutting logos and lettering, we can also create office labels and occupant names for your glass office doors.

Although the majority of our clients order standard frosted glass colors, it is possible to use colorful vinyl solutions, too.

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