Electrical Cabinet Signs

Electrical cabinet signs, also known as lightbox cabinets or just box cabinets, are exterior building signs that can pull double-duty as pole-mounted signage or monument facings. Even on the interior, you now see more and more small, slim electrical cabinets that display advertisements for products or services on store walls.

No matter what function you have in mind for this product, they all share some distinguishing features.

  • Aluminum body. Lightweight construction is possible with the use of aluminum. Impervious to insect damage or weathering, the material ensures longevity. Its moderate weight makes mounting possible to a myriad of surfaces.
  • Translucent facing. We usually use acrylic or polycarbonate to create the facing for the product.
  • Vinyl overlays. We add your message by using vinyl overlays. You decide on the text and graphics content. The look can be as colorful as you like.
  • LEDs and timer. Illumination comes from the inside of the electrical cabinet sign. LEDs ensure long-lasting functionality while a timer makes automation of the lighting a snap.
    Although most box cabinets come in standard geometric shapes such as rectangles, we can also customize their forms to imitate your logo.

Areas We Serve

Lightbox Graphix is located at 1894 South Elmhurst Road in Mt. Prospect, IL. We serve the business communities in and around Mt. Prospect, Rosemont, Elk Grove Village, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights and Chicago. Call us today at 630-715-1849.