Directory and Wayfinding Signs

There are three premier locations on your property where the installation of directory and wayfinding signs make the most sense.

  1. Elevator lobby. When consumers enter your building’s lobby and head for the elevators, make it easy for them to locate the right floor and office number with the display of directories.
  2. Parking garage. If you have a parking garage that serves your clients or customers, present directories on each level or install one at the connecting entrance between the garage and the building. Doing so allows first-time visitors to orient themselves quickly.
  3. Corridor intersections. For large properties with multiple wings or departments, add directories to the intersections of corridors leading to these locales. If you operate a health care facility, hospital, school or similar venue, doing so cuts down tremendously on missed appointments and confusion.

Select from a wide variety of product solutions.

  • Freestanding pylons. We recommend the use of three-sided directory pylons for high-traffic lobbies. About six feet tall, this product alerts visitors to its presence with a topper.
  • Wall directories. Countless designs fit into any interior décor. Changeable blade directories let you add and change listings in a few short minutes. It is always a good idea to present a directory that lists building occupants in alphabetical order as well as a secondary product that lists them in suite number order.

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