Channel Letter Signs

Part wayfinding tool and part advertising product, channel letter signs light up the building fronts of countless businesses. They replicate the font you picked for the display of your company’s name. Choose from lit or unlit letters. If you opt for illuminated signage, you have a few additional options.

  • Front lit letters. The light escapes through the colorful polycarbonate fronts of the aluminum letters. We can mount these letters directly to the building or install them with a raceway that we paint in the façade’s color.
  • Backlit letters. In this scenario, the light shines through a transparent polycarbonate back while the front of the letter features painted aluminum. The result is a halo effect that surrounds the letter. We install these products with standoffs to allow the light to escape.
  • Combination. It is possible to combine both approaches for a colorful front illumination with a soft halo.
  • Open-face displays. Leave your channel letters open and rely on neon tubes for the lighting. Doing so brings to mind the diner signs of yesteryear and the signage displays that Film Noir and the Art Deco era made famous.

Combine a channel letter display with a lightbox cabinet to present your logo.

Areas We Serve

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