ADA Signs, Room ID and Nameplates

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) assists business owners with the design of signage that labels rooms and fulfills basic wayfinding functions. These include ADA signs, room ID and nameplates. Although not all companies must follow the rules set forth by this law, the overwhelming majority of schools, health care facilities, stores and office environments do have the obligation to create signage in keeping with the Act Besides, installing nameplates and room ID signs that offer visual access to all consumers in your venue simply makes good sense. These wayfinding tools cut down on customer frustration and eliminate the stress of remembering proper room settings. We work with various materials that are ideal for use with these signage products.

Materials for ADA Signs, Room ID and Nameplates

  • Acrylic. The plastic material is chic yet functional. It allows for endless customization opportunities and allows for the addition of Braille II marks.
  • Metal. If you have chosen the display of a metal 3D logo lobby sign, underline its visual impact on your space by ordering metal ADA and room ID products. Nameplates, too, look attractive against a metal backdrop. Routed data, dimensional lettering, or a combination of the two serves the consumer.
  • Frames with inserts. Durable metal or plastic frames accommodate the use of PVC inserts. We design these products to follow ADA guidelines.

Areas We Serve

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