• Wrapping a Car: Pros and Cons for Business Owners
    Posted on: February 14, 2017

    You want to be part of the mobile marketing revolution. You know that dollar for dollar, you save money advertising with a wrapped car, truck, or van. But you worry whether this is a sound investment. And you just do not know if a new paint job and some magnets might not be a better solution. Before you decide on wrapping a car, pros and cons need to be worked out. Let’s get started.

    Wrapping a Car is Less Expensive than a High-quality Paint Job

    Wrapping a Car Pros and ConsThe marketing message is part of the wrap. Our graphic artists work with you on the design, the finished look, the style elements, the color selection, the wording, and all the little odds and ends that make the wrap stand out. The friendly folks painting your vehicle do just that; they paint it. There is no marketing message setup. Sure, there is the specialist who is a whiz with the airbrush, but not only is this technique out-of-this-world expensive, it also does not create the full marketing message you want to feature. Best of all, if a full wrap is not for you, a partial wrap might just be the right product. Can you imagine getting a partial paint job? (We cannot, either.)

    Vinyl Wraps are Removable and Boost a Vehicle’s Resale Value

    Wrapping a Car Pros and ConsThe typical wrap lasts about five to seven years. This is about the same amount of time that a business owner might hold on to a van or truck before upgrading. Because we can remove a wrap in a short time, you can continue on your way to the dealership to get top dollar in trade-in value. In fact, because the vinyl of the wrap protects the factory paint job, your truck might look better than others do. A paint job is not something you can remove; you need to reinvest in a complete color change.

    When Time is of the Essence, Nothing Beats a Wrap

    Wrapping a Car Pros and ConsPrepping a car for a paint job takes time. There is the dismantling of the vehicle, the sanding, the prepping, and the spraying. Then you wait until the first coat dries and repeat the process. Depending on the work schedule of the shop, you might be out of a vehicle for a couple of weeks or longer. A wrap installs in a few hours. When you need to hit the ground running for a grand opening, a trade show appearance, or any other special sales opportunity, waiting is not part of the game plan.

    Wrapping a Car: Pros and Cons (well, actually only one con)

    Clearly, a vehicle wrap is a better mobile marketing choice than a paint job. With that said, there is one time when it is not: a bad paint job. By bad, we do not mean the turquoise and orange color selection of the vehicle’s previous owner. Instead, we refer to rust spots, flaking paint, and a weakened clear coat. If your paint fails, a wrap may not adhere well to the vehicle or, if it does, take a lot of the paint flakes with it during removal.

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    Wrapping a Car Pros and Cons