• Vehicle Wraps: Use Your Vehicles to Build Your Brand
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    Posted on: May 30, 2017

    Let’s say you’re an interior designer. One of the major aspects of your brand is that during the warmer months, you travel to the homes of interested parties on your scooter. Everyone recognizes you as the “one with the scooter”. But until you pull up in front of a house to meet someone who requested your services, no one has any clue that you’re an interior designer on a scooter. If you add some branding to your scooter, maybe a name and phone number, people will know who you are as you pass them on the street. Everyone will say there’s that interior designer who rides the scooter, instead of just assuming you’re another random scooter pilot. This is the difference that commercial vehicle wraps by Lightbox Graphix can make for your marketing and advertising.

    Vehicle Wraps by Lightbox Graphix

    What They Do

    Vehicle wraps make sure that your work vehicles identify who you are, what you do and how people can reach you. Like the interior designer on the scooter in the example, you can identify yourself and your services to anyone on the road.  Vehicle wraps turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. Instead of driving around in a nondescript panel van, your van will identify you to potential clients.

    Vehicle wraps can also build your brand. We can make vehicle wraps to suit your exact needs. They can have colors and fonts that perfectly match those of your existing marketing efforts.

    Vehicle Wraps by Lightbox Graphix

    Some Qualities of Vehicle Wraps

    • Vehicle wraps are adaptable to whatever vehicle you need wrapped. We can wrap scooters, cars, bikes, vans, trucks, trailers. If it’s on the road we can wrap it.
    • Budget-friendly wraps can do all of the work of print ads or billboards, but they have better staying power and expose your brand to a larger area.
    • Our team of graphic designers will create awesome visuals for your wraps. But in the end, you control the look of your wrap from start to finish.
    • Vehicle wraps can have as much or as little branding as you need. We can include the fundamentals like color and logo or have your name phone number and web address in the exact font you use in other places.

    Vehicle Wraps for Your Business

    Get noticed in the areas you do business. Vehicle wraps make use of the vehicles you already own and operate and turn them into awesome mobile marketing. You’ll get non-stop brand-boosting exposure when you’re on the road and when you’re parked too. To make use of all your vehicle has to offer, contact us today to discuss your vehicle wrap options.