• What is Vegetation Control and Why Does it Matter to Your Business Signs?
    Posted on: April 04, 2017

    Your business signs have the power to generate foot traffic, inspire the impulse stop as well as the buy, and assist with wayfinding. Building signs, in particular, make it possible to communicate your brand messages with ease. But what happens when the vegetation that is around your signage threatens to overtake the space? More importantly, if you are putting in new signs, what types of plants should you have around?

    Hillside Shrubs and Ground Cover Threatening to Overgrow an Architectural Sign

    Business SignsIf you are taking advantage of a retaining wall to display a lightbox cabinet, channel letters, or dimensional lettering, the shrubs that keep the soil in place may grow up and threaten to cover up the information. Vegetation control in these scenarios is typically up to the municipality. If they cannot get to your location quickly enough, it may be necessary to contract with a local landscaper to maintain the visibility of your signage. We recommend walking and driving around your area at least once a month to keep an eye on the plants that grow around your signage products.

    Tree Limbs Encroaching on a Building Sign

    Business SignsYou frequently see trees beginning to cover building signs in commercial developments that are a few years old. When the developer initially declared the project to be finished, these companies put in new trees that were smaller and did not have spreading canopies. But with the right care, they are growing up and expanding their leaf-bearing branches. In some cases, these trees can cover your building sign in whole or in part. Although you would hope that the management company in charge of overseeing the commercial venue will have the trees pruned, it may be necessary to ask for permission to do so with your landscaping professionals. When you are thinking of moving into a well-established store or office building, ask about the trees and shrubs that you see there.

    Shrubs and Flowers Making it Difficult to See Information on Monument Signs

    Business SignsMonuments signs are a lot easier to maintain with respect to vegetation control. We frequently work with clients who planted quick-growing shrubs around the markers in an effort to make the site look established. The problem with these shrubs is the fact that they grow at a healthy clip and spread easily. Constant maintenance is a must. If you are selecting flowers instead, stick with low-growing ground cover rather than tall flowers that may produce blooms, which might cover an address or brand message. Of course, flowers do not remain in bloom for long, and even the tallest ones eventually go to seed.

    Learn More about Complementing Business Signs with Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

    Business SignsFind out how you can make the most of your signage presentations with vegetation. Contact the experts at Lightbox Graphix for more information. We do business out of 1894 South Elmhurst Road in Mt. Prospect, IL. From there, we serve the business communities in and around Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Chicago, Mt. Prospect, Rosemont, and Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Call us today!

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