• Trade Show Preparation Timeline for Success
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    Posted on: April 08, 2017

    With an event as big as a trade show, it’s clear that a lot of preparation is needed prior. However, the timeline for full preparation can be daunting to come up with. In each business, there are different needs and wants when it comes to trade show preparation. For some, demonstrations are needed to best showcase their work. For others, it is more about dynamic displays that show the numbers and information behind the services.

    Regardless of the type of product or service you offer, coming up with a timeline to ensure preparedness doesn’t have to be difficult. There is a simple timeline that can be customized to your individual needs without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail.

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    Timeline for Trade Show Preparation

    Preparation for a trade show can begin as much as a year in advance. This is to ensure the best budget, displays and other relevant pieces that drive a booth to higher success.

    • Six months to a year. At this point, begin considering your budget. Depending on the money you can put into the trade show, you can select different trade shows and book your booth space for the best spot available. Even further, knowing your event this much ahead of time and what space you will have to work with sets up for easier planning.
    • Four months prior. Begin to outline your objectives to stay on point throughout the planning process. Additionally, be sure to find the exhibitor manual from the trade show to help stay compliant with their rules and regulations.
    • Three months prior. At this time, it is a good idea to contact a local sign company to begin designing displays and signage, allowing more than enough time for the materials to be printed. Additionally, it is a good time to plan a booth work schedule and set up any outside suppliers that are required.
    • Six to eight weeks prior. With under two months until the event, it is a good time to check with production to see if signage and marketing materials are on schedule. Further, it is time to order product samples and any literature needed for the event. At this time, also confirm the pre-event advertising such as press releases and order any needed services for the show.
    • Three to four weeks prior. If you have VIP guests or are mailing out invention letters, this is the time to get it the list finalized and the letters mailed. Also, confirm shipping information and give the information to suppliers, along with providing any needed training to employees for the show.
    • One to two weeks prior. Gather all necessary documents such as supplies and tickets. This is also the time to gather everything from suppliers and to ensure your payment is set up if you will be selling on the floor.
    • Day of the show. On the day of the event, pick up all needed badges, confirm when your display will arrive, gather all literature and equipment, and set up your display. Prior to the show, be sure to have a debriefing with all employees to work to make sure everyone is well-prepared for the big event.

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    If you follow this schedule, your trade show preparations will be much less stressful. Partner with a local sign company to ensure your needs are met at all steps in the process. Contact us today to find out how partnering with our team makes every project a smoother process.