• Tips on Effective Trade Show Displays: Stand Out from the Crowd
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    Posted on: April 28, 2017


    If you’re going to go to the time and trouble to attend a trade show, you want to make sure your booth’s presence is as productive as possible. When you do this, it means more sales, more connections, and more leads for your company.

    5 Tips for Beautiful Trade Show Displays

    Whether you’ve never attended a trade show before or you’re an old pro, these five tips can help ensure your presence is as outstanding as possible.

    1. Consider Your Goals

    One of the most important things you can do when designing your booth is to take a moment to consider your primary goal. Think about which audiences you want to reach, what message you want to leave them with, and how best to do it.

    Knowing who you need to impress is a smart way to ensure your booth lives up to your objectives.

    1. Know the Rules

    Trade shows feature display rules that will govern how you can and can’t arrange your booth. Know these before you arrive so you don’t waste time, energy or money adding “illegal” features to your display.

    1. Add Some Quality Signs

    Few things draw attention to your booth as much as high-quality signs in your company’s colors. Opt for large, beautifully printed varieties that you can hang on the front and sides of your tent.

    1. Keep Your Display Simple

    When it comes to trade show displays, you want to keep them as simple as possible. Simplicity has a more positive impact on readers and will make your message easier for passers-by to absorb and retain.

    1. Set a Budget

    While you want your display to be beautiful, you can’t justify breaking the bank on it. Set a realistic budget and stick to it.

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