• Things to Do Before Christmas to Have Higher Retail Holiday Sales
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    Posted on: December 08, 2017

    Children dream of sugarplums, and retailers of having successful sales. Since the holiday season is a make or breaks time for most businesses, the main question is how to increase retail holiday sales. Here are things to do before Christmas.

    1. Have a Sale

    Many will dismiss this idea by saying that every retailer has some kind of Christmas holiday sale, but it’s because they work. To set yourself apart, keep the following tips in mind during the sale:

    • Offer one big bargain per day: Offering a big discount on a well-known item daily to attract holiday shoppers will certainly work especially if you have the merchandise people are looking for at this time.
    • Give discounts — not items: The problem with giving an item such as a pair of socks for every spending above a certain amount is that some customers may have enough socks or they may not be interested in the item being offered.
    • Make sure your discounts are worthwhile: Shoppers are used to being spoiled during the holidays so small discounts will not cut it. Since they will compare, the higher the discount the better.
    1. Hold an Event

    Sale events are aimed at attracting and entertaining shoppers while getting them to buy your products or services. But you have to create an event that ties into your products and services. To come up with the ideal event, ask yourself why a customer would want to attend the event and how they will benefit.

    For example, a yoga studio could hold a free yoga class to encourage January sign-ups. A kitchen store could hold cooking competitions and in turn, benefit from increased sales of the products used during the cook-off.

    1. Use Email Campaigns

    For people to turn up, they need to hear about your products and services. Therefore, advertise heavily on the appropriate marketing channels.

    In spite of social media viral potential, an email campaign is more effective when it comes to reaching and wooing customers. If you have an email newsletter going out, it is the perfect opportunity to promote the products you are offering over the holiday and spread the word about and sales you will be having.

    1. Create Attractive Displays

    Take advantage of the high foot traffic during Christmas season by using eye-catching graphics. Incorporating your products on display will go a long way in promoting your products and getting shoppers to your store.

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