• Stop Wasting Sales Opportunities and Start Marketing with Window Graphics
    Posted on: March 21, 2017

    Did you know that window graphics – even customized pieces – are among the least expensive marketing signs a business owner might buy? Far too many companies still feature storefronts and offices with so-so curb appeal that fails to harness the advertising power of window glass. Rather than displaying eye-grabbing images that present a brand message two or three stories tall, they are content with empty glass panes that show lackluster vistas.

    Adding Curb Appeal with Window Graphics

    Window GraphicsThese products come in a broad range of standard colors, but you can most certainly commission custom color pieces. Finished displays can have a high gloss or satin finish – you choose! Most importantly, these materials combine to form attention-getting messages.

    Optimizing the Combination of Colors and Designs

    Window GraphicsWhat do you want graphics to say about your business? How do you want to encourage the impulse stop, buy, or other interaction with the consumer?

    • Put graphics on clear vinyl. The images look as though they are freely floating on the glass. In reality, we simply print them on clear vinyl as opposed to the standard white material you already know.
    • Add reflective colors. After dark, reflective colors can be an amazing attention getter. If your business is located in an area where exterior illumination or the headlights from vehicles brighten the windows, these tones jump out. They can be among your most effective sales messages on the window panes.
    • Show some transparency. Translucent vinyl permits for the display of colorful messages and images that customers can nevertheless see through. Heighten the effect by turning on the lights behind the windows. For display windows, in particular, this is a fantastic option that draws the stares of passersby.

    Going for the Wrap is Possible

    Window GraphicsAnother choice is the use of a window wrap. Opt for an opaque or perforated vinyl product. You may already know about perforated window coverings from your vehicle graphics setup. These covers have perforations that let the driver look outside while on the exterior it presents a solid message. The same technology is available for many types of building windows.

    If you like the idea of allowing sunlight to enter your venue and you also want to look outside, the perforated vinyl is the better option. When these are not considerations for your business, a standard solid vinyl product will do well. Window wraps are the types of products you might select to show a commercial-quality vignette of your product or consumers interacting with it. Store owners favor this approach when their interiors are positioned in such a way that the windows do not allow for adequate merchandise displays.

    Order Window Graphics Today

    It is clear that the windows are the most underappreciated advertising surfaces you have in your business. Whether you use the glass to display products or you do not have much use for it other than for letting sunlight come in, we recommend the installation of customized window graphics that feature strong sales messages as well as some branding information.

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