• Signs and Graphics for Law Firms in Mt. Prospect IL
    Posted on: July 19, 2016

    Located in Suite 217 at 401 East Prospect Avenue, Chokshi Filippone Law, LLC assists clients with immigration, consumer, injury, and small business matters. When this law firm needed signage for its northwest suburban location, the management team contacted our specialists for assistance.

    Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Signs and Graphics for Law Firms in Mt. Prospect IL

    After meeting with our clients and getting directions for the products they were looking to use for wayfinding and branding, we got to work. First, we put together a lobby sign. Using a clear acrylic panel and adding imprinted gold lettering, we mounted the product against the blue wall with color-coordinated metal standoffs. The blue complements the gold of the marker for an attractive display. Next, we designed a panel featuring frosted and etched window graphics. It spells out the name of the law firm and takes up the entirety of the door’s window. The finished display is elegant, assists with wayfinding, and presents the business with a professional flair.

    Meeting the Expectations of Clients

    signs and graphics for law firms in Mt. Prospect ILSpecialists in the legal, accounting and similar professions do well to meet the expectations of prospective customers when it comes to outfitting their offices. Before hiring these experts, a client wants to ensure that the firm is a qualified group that is here to stay, has the financial backing needed to remain in business, and expresses these branding aspects with an elegant, contemporary setting. Outdated signage, peeling window graphics, and similar mistakes do not usually meet the expectations that clients would have of these companies.

    Popular Signage Solutions for Law Firms

    In addition to window graphics and lobby signs, law firms also use other signage products to communicate with their clients and to set the tone for professional interactions.

    • Banner stands. Retractable banner stands are a favorite tool for attorneys who seek to educate their clients about issues related to representation, financial policies, the professionals’ records of accomplishment, and similar facts.
    • Directional signs. Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), directional signs help clients to navigate the floors of larger law firms and assist visually impaired visitors to locate their destinations with ease.
    • Directories. For companies that take up office buildings in their entirety, the use of a directory is a crucial element in making wayfinding easy for visitors, clients, and those scheduled for depositions or consultations. We recommend mounting these near elevators, stairs, and at the exits of parking garages. Another good option is the setup of freestanding directories that make it easy for visitors to your venue to find the locations they seek.

    Buying Your Office Signs

    Whether you need signs and graphics for law firms in Mt. Prospect IL, or want to outfit another type of business with the right signage solution, we can help. Our specialists work with you to discover the right color combinations, material selections, and display locations. Since we are familiar with ADA compliance, we ensure that your wayfinding products meet all the requirements set for by the law. If you are unsure what types of signs to include in your office, let our graphic artists show you examples. Schedule your design consultation today.

    signs and graphics for law firms in Mt. Prospect IL