• Signs and Graphics for Farm Stands in Suttons Bay MI
    Posted on: August 18, 2016

    Located at 7881 East Pertner Road, Bardenhagen Farms is your go-to location for farm-fresh produce and eggs. A Whole Foods supplier, this business welcomes private shoppers who want to stop by and get their goodies right off the stand. When the company wanted to make its available fruits and vegetables a little more conspicuous for folks driving past its location, the management team contacted our pros to commission signs and graphics for farm stands in Suttons Bay MI.

    Combining Old-World Appeal with Modern Displays

    signs and graphics for farm stands in Suttons Bay MIAfter meeting with our client, we put together what looks like a mix between a post and panel sign and an A-frame. We used weathered hardwood to create the rustic post setup. For the board, we chose a magnetized substrate that we painted black. Doing so created the perfect color contrast for the company’s name and logo as well as the magnetic white menu labels that the management team can add and remove as needed. They spell out the different types of fruits and vegetables that the farm stands may sell at any given time. When this sign is out under the tree that everyone passes, plenty of cars are sure to make a beeline for the parking lot.

    Harnessing the Power of Menu Boards

    You do not have to be a farm stand operator to know that menu boards wield incredible power. Much like the banner in the consumer goods retail setting, the menu board signals the availability of temporary deals and products. But while banners focus their marketing messages on the deal itself, the menu board emphasizes the product or service.

    There is a broad range of menu board displays currently in use. The post and panel setup is only one example. Another one features the A-frame that you might place into the flow of foot traffic. Tall boards install right next to the entryway of a restaurant, shop, or service establishment. A contemporary twist on the board is the use of a retractable banner stand with multiple cassettes holding alternating graphics for display.

    Who Uses the Signage?

    Restaurant owners and farm stand operators appreciate this signage solution because it allows them to reel in foot traffic simply by their product selections. Beauty salon and hair care venue managers rely on the board to underscore the services and products that differentiate their businesses from others in the niche. Retailers, too, use these markers to draw attention to product lines with a high popularity factor. Doing so during the winter holiday shopping season is particularly advantageous because it may attract shoppers from across town.

    Ordering Post and Panel Signs and Menu Signs in Suttons Bay MI

    When you are ready to boost your marketing and branding messages with the use of attractive signs that have the best qualities of menu boards as well as post and panel markers, we can help. Contact our graphic artists today to schedule a design consultation for your business. At that time, we work with you to create a look that is just right for your message.

    signs and graphics for farm stands in Suttons Bay MI