• What is Sign Project Management and How Does It Work?
    Posted on: March 30, 2017

    When you are ready to upgrade your signage, working with our full-service sign shop makes the most sense. Not only do our graphic artists handle the design of the product, but we also assign a professional to undertake the sign project management. What exactly does this mean, how does it work, and why do few other companies do that?

    Each Sign Project is Different (but there are common threads)

    Sign Project ManagementThe set of channel letters your organization needs for its façade is distinct from the set another business ordered for its location. Fonts, colors, sizes, and installation locations vary. At the same time, there are some common concerns. You both need a site survey, have to undergo a permitting process, and require the assistance of our professional installers to mount the items.

    Keeping each project on time and budget falls into the capable hands of the sign expert assigned to your project. This individual ensures that we have the right materials on hand, that the colors are mixed according to your specifications, that the permits have been applied for, and that you have seen and signed off on the proofs. This individual also ensures that the installers are ready to come out and mount the product when it is convenient for you.

    Having a Contact Person to Talk to Makes Sense

    Sign Project ManagementWhen you have questions about the status of your project, you do not want to wait while someone who is doing ten other things hunts down your file. Instead, you want to have a contact person who knows your case, is on top of things, and actually contacts you with status updates. Our sign shop is one of the few businesses that believe in having a person assigned to a project who handles the management and sees the process through from start to finish.

    Yes, it is a Labor-intensive Process

    Sign Project ManagementSign making is not something you can do on the fly. You would be surprised how many individuals claim to be sign shops but do not have an actual physical address but rather operate out of someone’s shed or garage. These (frequently one-person) operations lack the staff to assign a specialist to the project management of a job. Often, the owner is the sole worker who does everything – and hopes it all works out for the best. Balls are dropped from time to time.

    Others are online print shops that do not actually fall under the category of sign makers. Instead, they let you create the signs you want with drag-and-drop modules on their websites. These folks will print your products and ship them to you. The rest is up to you. For the business owner who is unaware of the legalities involved with putting up signage, this can easily lead to a rude awakening.

    If we have piqued your interest in finding out more about our sign project management services, just contact our experts today. We gladly set up a consultation to help you think through your next sign purchase!

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