• Why Sign Maintenance Is Important For Your Brand
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    Posted on: January 23, 2018

    Running a business is not easy given the pressures involved hence sign inspection, repair and maintenance are often overlooked. Company signage is the first impression potential customers and visitors have your company’s brand. Taking time to ensure that the company signage is working properly is critical.

    Here is why sign maintenance is important for your brand.

    1. Return on Investment

    Investing in a good company signage system can deliver an excellent return on investment (ROI) if it’s properly cared for. In fact, regular sign maintenance can deliver maximum potential to a business.

    Vinyl signs, for instance, are not meant to last for a long time and may begin to fade or peel off depending on their quality. While this cannot be prevented entirely, dedicating some time for maintenance which also includes regular cleaning, significantly extends the life of your company signs.

    1. Brand Visibility

    Signage illumination is an important consideration to make during sign maintenance. If the illumination is broken or weak, your brand may lack visibility as a result. Ensure that customers can clearly see your signs even at night regardless of the type of illumination used. Potential customers may be put off by shoddy signage lighting designs and the bad impression given by poorly lighted signs.

    Sign Project Management

    1. Updating Your Signs

    Regular sign maintenance helps to keep your signage fresh and up-to-date. It is important to update your signs when you make some changes to your business such as phone number, website or working hours.

    As much as you may spend a lot of money on an eye-catching signage design, your customers may get frustrated when they cannot get through to you. A good sign maintenance program ensures that your signs are accurate and fresh.

    1. Safety

    The structural integrity of your company signage and supporting structures should never be compromised to avoid injuries and other liabilities that may land at your feet. It is important to regularly inspect your signs which involves sign examination including any supporting structures to assess any damage and rectifying where necessary.

    Signage Maintenance Tips

    Preventive maintenance is always better than reactive maintenance. Here are some effective tips for signage maintenance:

    • Keep your signs clean.
    • Schedule a regular sign maintenance program.
    • Regularly monitor the conditions or your signs.
    • Hire a good sign company to take care of your sign maintenance needs.

    Contact Lightbox Graphix and talk to our experienced professionals who will help you with all your sign inspection, maintenance and repair needs. We value our customers and appreciate the importance of their investments.