• Sandblasted Signs Celebrate the History of Chicago
    Posted on: June 20, 2017

    When it comes to types of signage, there are few options that really resonate with the history of an area quite like carved and sandblasted signs. These signs offer a quaint but interesting option that will get your business noticed. These signs are especially suited for historic downtown neighborhoods, where certain types and heights of signage might be restricted by zoning regulation and neighborhood ordinances.  In Chicago, there are many historic neighborhoods that are perfect areas for these signs. With a storied past and plenty of hustle and bustle, Streeterville is one Chicago neighborhood where businesses could benefit from carved and sandblasted signs by Lightbox Graphix.

    Sandblasted Signs for Chicago IL

    History of Streeterville

    The history of Streeterville, a neighborhood in Chicago, is interesting. The story began when George Wellington “Cap” Streeter’s boat wound up stuck on a sand bar in 1886. Cap and his wife staked a claim to the sand bar where their boat was deposited. Even though he didn’t own the land, Cap started charging developers to dump debris around the sand bar as they rebuilt the growing city of Chicago after the Great Fire of 1871. The debris eventually became a marshy land mass, which Cap claimed as his. He started renting out this land and a shanty town developed. Police would eventually try to remove Cap and his shanty town tenants, but rifle fire forced them to retreat. This would not be the last time that Cap raised an army to defend his illegitimate claims to land along Lake Michigan. Eventually, police removed the Streeters, but Streeterville remained.

    Carved and Sandblasted Signs

    There are a lot of businesses in modern day Streeterville. There’s plenty to do and see including the Navy Pier. It’s a cultural hub in the city with theaters, restaurants and attractions abounding. This hustle and bustle combined with the neighborhood’s interesting past make carved and sandblasted signs a perfect option for your business in or around Streeterville.

    Our carved and sandblasted signs are charming and interesting. We make our signs from real cedar wood or from high-density urethane, a man-made material. These signs have a tactile appeal, too. These signs give your advertising a hand-crafted, artistic look that suits historic neighborhoods. And they don’t have to be your only signage. They’re a great option for an engaging eye-level display. This makes them ideal for advertising to pedestrians on the sidewalk.

    Carved and Sandblasted Signs for Chicago IL

    Signs for Your Business

    If you’re interested in a charming quality that appeals to the rich history of your community, carved and sandblasted signs are the perfect option.

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