• Pylon Signs: Incredibly Simple Marketing Devices that Work for Any Chicago Business
    Posted on: March 16, 2017

    When you want the consumer to notice the entrance to your parking lot, you install a monument sign. When you want this same shopper to become aware of your business’ location at a distance of three blocks, you opt for pylon signs. What are your options?

    Who Uses Pylons?

    Pylon SignsWho does not? Virtually any business now has the opportunity to take advantage of the heights a pylon reaches. Good examples include fast food restaurants, gas stations, vehicle dealerships, shopping centers, and insurance providers. It is interesting to note that these companies often combine a pylon with a much smaller monument to address the pedestrian or driver who is almost at their location.

    Anatomy of a Standard Shopping Center or Office Park Pylon Sign

    Pylon SignsYou have probably noticed that shopping center and office park pylons feature a brick and mortar construction that incorporates a number of lightbox cabinets. Management companies in charge of these commercial areas understand the need for setting the venue’s overall tone, and they do so by their selection of the pylon’s look and curb appeal. By choosing the sizes of the box cabinets ahead of time, they further stabilize the appearance of the location. Tenants may then have their boxes’ panels customized as needed. Usually, they would choose a color and font presentation. Sometimes, they also add a logo.

    When You Need a Pylon for a Stand-alone Business

    Pylon SignsIf you are not bound by the rules of a management company, you have plenty of options – with only the zoning department limiting your presentation. The majority of business owners we work with opt for a single-post setup. With that said, some do invest in the construction of a larger structure that brings a significant aesthetic boost to the property.

    The sign itself almost always consists of a lightbox cabinet. We size it to fit the post’s dimensions and provide adequate legibility of the lettering to passing traffic. The illumination guarantees that the pylon stands out after dark, which makes it highly effective around the clock. Some business owners, most notably car dealerships and those in the hospitality trade, opt for the integration of LED message boards into their box cabinets. Doing so allows them to play TV-quality commercials and advertise directly with scrolling messages.

    If you have spotlights in place or do not do business after dark, consider the installation of sign panels featuring alumalite or MDO (medium density overlay). These products look great, are suitable for the installation of imprinted vinyl overlays, and expertly brand and market your product or service. These material options are excellent alternatives because they can withstand sunshine, heat, cold, and rain. If you do want to add an illuminated component, consider channel letters that portray your iconic font and color display.

    How to Buy Pylon Signs

    Discuss your thoughts with our business sign experts. We work with you to determine the zoning regulation in your locale, which directly influences the height your sign can reach. Next, we help you select the right materials, marketing message, and overall sign layout.

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