• How to Protect a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Des Plaines IL
    Posted on: January 05, 2017

    Mobile marketing and branding are quickly becoming a necessity within Des Plaines. When remaining competitive or quickly gathering a large market share are at the top of the list of business priorities this year, vehicle wraps are tough to beat. They get attention, present your information day and night, and offer plenty of eye candy to appeal to consumers outside your target demographic, too. Once you make the investment in the product, however, do you know how to protect a vehicle vinyl wrap in Des Plaines IL?

    Cleanliness Matters

    Protect a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Des Plaines ILIf you ever bought a new car, you remember how you babied the vehicle. You washed it, applied wax, and dusted it in between regular cleaning. Surprisingly, owners of wrapped cars, trucks, or vans almost seem intimidated by the idea of maintaining it. There is no need! Wraps are easy to clean and maintain with the right know-how. And yes, you do need to wash the product to enjoy its projected use of five to seven years.

    Vehicle Wrap Cleaning Mistakes to AvoidProtect a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Des Plaines IL

    • Abrasive cleaning tools. Sponges that feature scrubbers, abrasive cleaning pastes and even old cloths that have gotten stiff from exposure to various solvents are dangerous. They scratch the graphics and can even tear the vinyl.
    • Solvents. Typically, this refers to alcohol-based products. They react with the vinyl and weaken the material. Eventually, they contribute to product failure.
    • Petroleum-based products. They are common in car waxes and some cleaning products. They, too, react with the plastic and lead to material failure.
    • Commercial car washes and high-pressure hose nozzles. Brushes used in the former and the high power of the water in the latter can cause the vinyl film to lift.

    How to Protect a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Des Plaines, IL, the Right Way

    Protect a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Des Plaines ILA mild automotive cleaner and a bucket of lukewarm water are a good start. A garden hose without a high-power nozzle is ideal for rinsing off the suds. Buy a soft sponge, which you only use for cleaning your wrapped vehicle. If you are dealing with particularly stubborn messes such as bird droppings, tree sap, or bug guts, soak the areas a little longer with the lukewarm water.

    If this does not do the trick, repeat the soaking for a few days. For the detritus that still does not budge, we suggest calling one of our technicians for help. Because we stand behind our products long after the client takes receipt of the wrapped vehicle, we gladly answer any questions. In extreme cases, we may ask you to bring the car to our shop to see if we can help.

    Some clients have asked us about waxing wrapped vehicles. The short answer is that yes, you can wax a treated automobile as long as the wax does not contain any solvents or products mentioned earlier. If you have a matte wrap, we do not suggest waxing it. Also, remember to be gentle during the process to avoid tears to the vinyl or lifting corners of the film. If, in spite of your best efforts, the vinyl does lift, make an appointment to see our specialists for a quick fix. Do not put it off!

    If there are any wrap care questions we have not answered, call us today for assistance.

    Protect a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap in Des Plaines IL