• Protect Your Marketing Investment with Anti-Graffiti Real Estate Signs in Chicago IL
    Posted on: March 28, 2017

    Graffiti, the senseless scribbles left behind by taggers, are more than just a nuisance. For your business, they are a drain on your signage budget. But for prospective buyers or lessees, they are a deterrent to moving in. When a real estate management company’s products are defaced and remain so for a while, they signal to potential tenants three warnings.

    1. A lax attitude toward asset management.
    2. A potentially high-crime area with no deterrents in place.
    3. A neighborhood that is on the downhill trajectory of growth.

    Anti-Graffiti Real Estate Signs in Chicago ILAvoid making this kind of impression with anti-graffiti real estate signs in Chicago IL. These products are not as expensive as you may have been led to believe. In fact, they actually save you money because the surface protection makes it possible to wipe away offending graffiti and restoring the great looks of the signs. It does not matter if the tagger uses spray paint or permanent marker; the coating prevents the chemicals from soaking into the signage’s surface, which makes them easy to clean off with a specially formulated cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

    Anti-Graffiti Real Estate Signs in Chicago ILHowever, when you choose to display real estate signs featuring the specialized coating, you do more than just protect your investment. You do your part in taking back the community.

    • Taggers eventually grow tired of leaving their marks only to see them wiped away again.
    • Your property becomes known as being overseen by a management company that not only cares about a setting’s outward appearance but also has the know-how and motivation to do the upkeep.
    • Your business becomes the trendsetter that other real estate management companies follow by also curtailing the display of graffiti.

    Of course, this level of signage protection is also instrumental in selling residential properties. Defaced “For Sale” signs in front of a home do not present a great calling card to the prospective buyer. When graffiti is present, the consumer takes a closer look at the area and will inevitably find fault with the location – even if the neighborhood is undergoing an upswing. But because your sign is not up to par, you lose the sale, and the buyer loses the opportunity to be part of a neighborhood revival.

    Anti-Graffiti Real Estate Signs in Chicago ILOrdering your next set of anti-graffiti real estate signs in Chicago IL, is easy. Discuss your signage needs with our graphic artist. We work with you to put together the design that perfectly suits the property you sell. Examples include post and panel signs for commercial settings, the famous inverted “L” beam with display board for residential settings, and anything in between from “Open House” A-frames to flags. Next, we manufacture the products according to your specifications and apply the anti-graffiti coating. We then install the products in the locations you designate.

    By the way, anti-graffiti coatings are not reserved only for real estate signage. They also benefit business owners with panel building signs, façade-mounted menu boards, and similar displays. Contact our business sign experts today to learn more about anti-graffiti coatings and to find out how your business can benefit from this product.

    Anti-Graffiti Real Estate Signs in Chicago IL