• Proper Grammar for Proper Signage
    Posted on: June 06, 2017

    At Lightbox Graphix, we believe your signage should always be awesome. Your signs are an important part of your business. They advertise and build your brand. This means that people start to associate your business with your signs. People will judge your business before they even step through your doors just by the quality of your signage. One part of your signage that you may not consider as vital as color and visibility is the copy. As long as the copy is on the sign, it’s doing its job, right? Well, if your copy isn’t grammatically correct, you could be causing all types of problems for your business. And with an entire festival based around the love of literature coming to Chicago this weekend, you’ll want your signage copy to be on point.

    Classic Signage | Chicago

    The Printers Row Lit Fest

    The Printers Row Lit Fest started in 1985. The idea was to attract visitors to the Chicago neighborhood of Printers Row. Printers Row was once the printing and publishing hub of the city. By the event’s seventeenth year, it had grown to encompass five city blocks. The Lit Fest attracts booksellers and collectors from across the country. The festival is also attended by more than 200 authors who participate in panels, signings and discussion.

    With this bookish gathering in the city, your signage copy is going to be held up to some serious scrutiny. Prepare for the Printers Row Lit Fest and make sure your grammar isn’t lacking. The last thing you need is a celebrated author walking by your sandwich board and noticing a misplaced comma.

    An Example

    You may not think of your copy as being all that important to your branding. But consider this sign:

    Signage Copy | Chicago

    The message on this sign that should raise a red-flag is “Fight Children with Diabetes.” No one wants to fight children with diabetes. Fighting children with diabetes actually sounds awful. The message on this sign is inviting people to beat-up children who have a serious disease. Certainly, what the copy was supposed to say was “Fight Childhood Diabetes.” This is an example of how a simple copy mistake could create a serious PR nightmare for your business.

    Signage Grammar Problems

    Proper usage, phrasing and grammar are immensely important to your signage because like the example above, misuse can totally change the meaning of your message.

    Poorly written copy on your signs also reflects poorly on your business. When people, especially discerning fans of literature, notice glaring mistakes in your copy, they judge your business. Those mistakes, even if they’re simple can make you appear lazy and unprofessional.

    Signage Solutions

    Lightbox Graphix are a team of experts, we’ll make sure that your signage is perfect in every way. But if you have signs that are customizable like sandwich boards or LED readerboards, double check that your messages aren’t inviting people to pummel diabetic children.

    Contact us today for awesome, grammatically correct signage!