• Promotional Products for Chicago Businesses? We Do Those!
    Posted on: February 28, 2017

    Do you ever wonder where the tchotchkes come from that Chicago businesses hand out at trade shows, street fairs, business expos, grand openings, and similar events? If the companies want to save money while getting top-quality promotional products, they are probably getting them from us. What are your options and why should you invest in these items?

    The Psychology of Giveaways

    Promotional ProductsHave you ever noticed that for a chance of winning, consumers would reveal their email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and all the other details a savvy marketer needs to build a customer profile and customize a newsletter? Of course, when you are the one doing the data collecting, you are already dealing with clients who have an interest in your business, its merchandise or service, and like to engage with your sales personnel.

    But there is another reason why giveaways are so popular: branding. Envision handing out inexpensive products that carry your brand message. When they appeal to your targeted demographic, it keeps your information right in front of them long after your giveaway or special promotion ends.

    Cases in point are the stress balls in the shape of a lemon that a company commissioned. Typical stress balls are passé for the business’ intended audience, but the form of the fruit is something that resonates and will, therefore, remain on the desks of the consumers. On the lemon stress ball, there is the name of the company, product line, and its website address.

    Visit our Online Promotional Product Catalog

    Promotional ProductsWe have put together a catalog of promotional products that features everything from cell phone accessories to tote bags and tumblers. Take a sneak peek at some of our most popular items.

    • Short-sleeve polo shirts. For companies that cater to the type of clientele you might find on the golf course or at the classic car show, the polo shirt is an ideal branding product. Select a color that represents your corporate palette and feature an event emblem with your co-branded logo.
    • Flowerpot sets with herb seeds. For the eco-friendly crowd, offer something that displays well in a kitchen or office window. Flowerpots remain functional long after the plants have bloomed. Moreover, they may become the starting point of a collection. Highlight your company’s name and logo.
    • Stress balls. Did you know that they come in the shapes of police cars, service vans, and other vehicles? Kids love these products that could display your corporate name, logo, and a marketing message. Tie a promotion to the receipt of one of these, and youngsters are sure to prompt their parents to visit your store again and again.

    Learn More about Promotional Products for Chicago Businesses

    Promotional ProductsIf we have piqued your curiosity about adding promotional products to your next special event or seasonal celebration, discuss your plans with our trade show display experts. We work with you to select an item that is ideally suited for your consumer base. Moreover, we help you find an advertising message that ensures your name and jingle are linked.

    Call us today to learn more about your options and start on the order!

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