Lobby Logo and 3D Letters

Having lobby logo and 3D letters in your reception area has the power to enhance the first impression you make on visiting patients, students, clients or customers. Since the entryway marker is the most important office sign that you will ever commission, it is clear that going for a maximum impact is of vital importance.

You set the tone for the consumer’s experience. Use a combination of materials, manufacturing techniques and installation options to wow the customer and lay the groundwork for the overall atmosphere of your setting. Also, you significantly influence the client’s positive reception of your business. Whether you want to express an out-of-the-box vibe, point to a traditional mindset, or present your business as an innovative thought leader in its niche, the signage composition make it possible.

Product options allow for perfect customization.

  • Dimensional letters with a logo portion. Choose from acrylic, PVC, foam or metal for your signage components.
  • Logo boards with layered parts. A clear acrylic board displays your information via a vinyl overlay as well as dimensional letters. Optional illumination heightens the effect of the presentation. Metal boards with pushed-through, vinyl letters or dimensional metal lettering are other alternatives.
  • Standoff mounts create 3D impressions. If you have the advantage of wall curvatures, consider the installation of dimensional letters with standoffs. Layering the look can be as simple as creating foreground and background elements.

Areas We Serve

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