• Powerful Words to Include in Effective Signage
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    Posted on: January 12, 2018

    Language is an effective communication tool that allows you to connect with your audiences and has the power to evoke emotions and action. The value of using magic marketing words cannot be underestimated. In fact, words have the power to motivate your audience and can spur them to action.

    It is important to determine which words work for your particular situation or business. Here are some powerful suggestions:

    1. YOU

    This word associates your product or service with your customers which makes them naturally respond to your offers. It makes advertising more effective and personal which is also a great way to connect with your audience.

    1. FREE

    Who doesn’t love to get something for free? If you have something free to give to your customers, either as a free giveaway or after purchasing a certain product, ensure that you mention it in your retail signage. The appeal of “free” is a powerful tool that motivates your potential customers to take action whether it is a free bonus or a free sample. This is the magic word to use if you want to generate a lot of attention with your retail signage.

    1. GET

    Customers always want to get something that they are looking for, and in as much as this word might seem simple, its powerful effect on how customers respond to your marketing message is overwhelming. Using the word “get” is an assurance that customers will receive something.

    1. NOW

    No one wants to wait for something if given a choice. With few exceptions, customers want to get what they are looking for right away rather than wait for it. Instant delivery is a powerful selling statement that you can use in your signage to attract those customers who are interested in trying a product or service right away. This is an effective way to differentiate your retail store from competitors.

    1. TRY

    Some customers prefer to try a product or service before buying it. This is a powerful word that should be included in your signage since it has the power to motivate your target audience and has a massive effect on response rate. Offering a free trial of a product or service inspires customers who would otherwise walk away to try your product.

    While these words have a powerful and magical effect on your target audience, there are also some words that you SHOULD NOT include in your signage since they are likely to deflate your sales. These words include:

    • Hurry
    • Guaranteed
    • Huge
    • Once in a lifetime
    • Groundbreaking

    If your advertising is not as effective as it should be, then you need to redesign your retail signage to ensure that the visual elements on your signage not only attract attention but also have an impact on profitability.

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