• A Plus Massages Advertises with Vehicle Magnets in Mt. Prospect IL
    Posted on: July 26, 2016

    Located at 1699 Wall Street, A Plus Massages offers deep tissue, Swedish, and couples massages as well as hot stone treatments. Their affordable services let you get rid of stress and address specific issues of your overall well-being. To enter the mobile marketing movement, the company’s management contacted our sign specialists to discuss vehicle magnets in Mt. Prospect IL.

    Designing and Manufacturing Magnets with a Strong Brand Message

    Advertising with magnets is a snap when they depict your brand message. For A Plus Massages, we prepared a product that shows the company’s iconic tree and apple graphic against a white background. Visitors to the company’s website quickly recognize the image. Added to the mix is the tagline that reads, “Life is about making people happy.” Rounding out the look is the company’s phone number and website address. The finished products now easily fit on any vehicles the company wants to use for its mobile marketing.

    Why Choose Vehicle Magnets?

    vehicle magnets in Mt. Prospect ILWith the availability of vehicle wraps and graphics packages, you might wonder why it makes sense to select magnets instead. There are, in fact, good reasons for going this route.

    • Personal vehicle use. When a small business owner uses a personal vehicle for running errands and visiting clients, s/he still wants to participate in mobile marketing. At the same time, occasionally it makes sense to “switch off” the marketing messages. Cases in point are attendances at private functions when the presentation of advertising messages would be considered inappropriate.
    • Multiple vehicle uses. For the company that does not have a dedicated car but rather relies on employees to use their cars, trucks, or vans, it is useful to have removable magnets. Attaching them to whatever car is currently in the field ensures that the message about the company gets out.
    • Promotion changes. If a business seasonally changes promotions, rely on magnets to add flexibility to a mobile marketing campaign. Doing so makes it possible to take advantage of back-to-school shopping and target Labor Day sales information right afterward.

    Expand on Mobile Marketing

    When magnets no longer meet all of your needs, consider the upgrade to a graphics and lettering package. These products remain on your vehicle for about five years. You can alter the message somewhat to add QR (quick response) codes or social media icons as needed. Some of our clients have chosen to combine an overall partial wrap package with space freed up on the doors to accommodate magnets for changing promotions.

    Buying Vehicle Magnets in Mt. Prospect IL

    Contact our graphic artists to discuss the look of the magnets. Do you prefer standard square or rectangular shapes? Would you favor a contour-cut appearance that features the shape of your logo? Some clients report having excellent success with the use of magnets that feature niche-specific forms to help consumers develop brand awareness.

    If you are thinking of combining a wrap with a magnet setup, we can assist you with that, too. In some cases, the use of a color change wrap can have an enormous impact on the ability of customers to recognize your business – even while you still use removable magnets to advertise. Contact us today to schedule your design consultation.

    vehicle magnets in Mt. Prospect IL