• How to Order Custom Canvas Prints in Mt Prospect IL
    Posted on: December 06, 2016

    There is something different about cotton duck canvas. The material is little more than woven cotton strands combining to create 7-ounce or 10-ounce fabrics. If you prefer, we can use organic cotton for your custom canvas prints in Mt. Prospect IL. What do you need to know about placing an order for this product today?

    Consider the Use of the Artwork

    Custom Canvas Prints in Mt. Prospect ILNumerous commercial applications have increased the demand for canvas prints.

    • Hospitality venues. Hotels rely on this signage solution for impressive lobby artwork that integrates the corporate color palette.
    • Model homes. Property management companies, real estate professionals, and developers like to use canvas prints featuring neutral colors to break up long wall surfaces with visual components. Using a single or multi-panel setup, these experts understand that the presentation of an aesthetically pleasing wall art item can turn a model room from nice to wow.
    • Lobby signage. Any company with a reception area knows that having this type of artwork can function as an ambiance enhances as well as a marketing and branding tool. Displaying images of consumers using the product or enjoying its benefits is an excellent method for creating buy-in.

    Use Digital Images with High-Resolution Print

    Custom Canvas Prints in Mt. Prospect ILAlthough the canvas brings some texture to the mix, you do not sacrifice crisp features and vibrant colors. Our artists recommend the use of digital images, whenever possible, as the basis for any prints you commission. Although it is feasible to use a lesser quality, doing so will adversely affect the good looks of the product.

    Choose a Display

    Typically, our clients envision a good-sized canvas print that measures between 12 inches by 12 inches and 24 inches by 36 inches. But why stop there? In fact, it is possible to separate the image into three portions. Known as a triptych, the panels each display the same height and width. That said, you do not have to be bound by convention. Opt for a center panel that is taller than the rest or go for four or five hangings with unusually large products.

    A Gallery Wrap Looks Great (but so does a frame)!

    Custom Canvas Prints in Mt. Prospect ILThe gallery wrap allows the image depicted on the front of the canvas to continue on the sides, which we then mount to wooden stretchers. Doing so eliminates the need for a frame. Another alternative is the presentation of a white or black border. Depending on your interior décor, the addition of this type of color can help the image to integrate beautifully into your already existing color scheme.

    How to Order Custom Canvas Prints in Mt. Prospect IL

    Discuss your order with our graphic artists. We welcome the opportunity to visit your office or retail location, take measurements, and make a note of colors that you already use on the premises. We help you to select the right image, pick the best display option, and also choose the type of mounting setup that would fit right in with your overall setting.

    Call us today to get started on your project!

    Custom Canvas Prints in Mt. Prospect IL