• Not Your Grandma’s Printed Wallpaper
    Posted on: May 16, 2017

    Wallpaper has a dated quality. It was the premier choice in the past for décor. Now, wallpaper comes down if you buy a property that’s decked out in those prints and patterns of the past. But here’s the thing, wallpaper has gotten an update. When we talk about wallpaper at Lightbox Graphix, we’re talking about digitally printed wallpaper. Digitally printed wallpaper is cool. The weird, yellow flower wallpaper in your grandparent’s kitchen is not.

    Printed, not Produced

    Digitally printed wallpaper, like all of our digitally printed products, can have whatever images you want on it. That means your wallpaper can look exactly how you want it to look. If you want your entire lobby to look like it’s sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, we can do that.

    Basically, whatever look you’re going for, printed wallpaper can help you achieve it, no matter how big or small. The only thing we suggest when it comes to selecting your images for your wallpaper is that you own them or you choose them from our library.

    Printed Wallpaper by Lightbox Graphix

    Achieve your Look

    The customizable quality of your digitally printed wallpaper means that you have the ability to communicate with your clients with your entire space. You can turn any room in your building into a branded message to your visitors.

    If you want your lobby to be an inviting, colorful place or a cozy, homey area, printed wallpaper can achieve that. If you want your conference room to have big graphics that show the scope of your aspirations or a single wall with a collage of your work, either of those is possible.

    The power of digital printing allows us to match colors perfectly, add depth and dynamic images to your space and make it fit your brand from floor to ceiling. If you want a big impact, printed wallpaper can do exactly that.

    Printed Wallpaper by Lightbox Graphix

    Perfect Printed Wallpaper

    If you want customized color displays, subliminal images or collage designs, we can create a look that works for you. And if you really dig the yellow flower pattern in your grandma’s kitchen, we can do that too. Don’t settle for plain paint or the common paper patterns you normally see. We’ll provide unique wallpaper that will make a statement about who you are and what you do. You’ll leave a real impression on your visitors, potential customer, returning customers and even employees.

    To find out about our printed wallpaper, contact us today.