• Do You Need Office ADA Signs in Mt. Prospect?
    Posted on: July 08, 2016

    If there is one sign product that confuses more business owners than office ADA signs in Mt. Prospect IL, we are not aware of it. When company owners call Lightbox Graphix to discuss the design and installation of signage that meets the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they frequently worry about showing off generic products that detract from their interior decor rather than underscore their branding and marketing messages. This notion is simply not true. In fact, we are here to tell you that ADA signage can be among the most attractive wall products you put up this year.

    Behind the ADA Guidelines

    office ADA signs in Mt. Prospect ILDiscussing the subject of signage, the Act requires the majority of businesses to display wayfinding and emergency markers that are readable for consumers with impaired vision. To accomplish this task, there are distinct color contrasts, font selections, and font heights that a sign should present. For blind patrons, the addition of Grade II Braille is a helpful feature. Braille is little more than tiny raised bumps that combine to form a tactile language. They do not have to stand out visually; since office ADA signs must be installed following location and height requirements, those requiring the assistance of the Braille language know where to search out the marker.

    Attractive Sign Examples

    office ADA signs in Mt. Prospect IL If you are worried about presenting your clients with signage geared for the visually impaired, consider that these products can look as hip, sophisticated, or elegant as you want any of your sign products to be.

    • Translucent suite signs. The use of clear acrylic suite signs with brushed aluminum suite number markers is a trend that is quickly catching on in Mt. Prospect. Interestingly, it is also the ideal setup for an ADA sign. Depending on the color of your wall, we help you select a contrasting color for your suite display’s lettering. For example, a light beige wall color perfectly offsets black or navy blue lettering. The brushed aluminum add-on for the suite number features the Braille II dots, which are next to invisible.
    • Metal plaques. When you like the idea of using metal plaques for your wayfinding signage, combine the color of the metal with a contrasting background color that makes the design pop. Raised lettering is ideal; it looks attractive with the plaque design and meets the Act’s requirements. We place the Braille II dots underneath the lettering.
    • Frame signs. When you occasionally change the name of the professional or the function of the office itself, consider the use of sign frames with acrylic or PVC inserts. A brushed aluminum frame holds the acrylic, which may display your company’s colors or another attractive color option. Our graphic artists imprint the information with a contrasting color. Once again, the lettering goes underneath the writing identifying the function of the room. You do not have to identify the name of the office worker.

    Ordering Office ADA Signs in Mt. Prospect IL

    office ADA signs in Mt. Prospect IL We hope that we have taken away the worry about a possible incompatibility of this signage solution for your office’s look and feel. In fact, when done correctly, these signs fit in beautifully and support your branding. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and find out how we can help you incorporate these markers into your office’s signage display.

    office ADA signs in Mt. Prospect IL