• Need Custom Lobby Signs in Arlington Heights IL?
    Posted on: September 13, 2016

    Horse racing enthusiasts routinely flock to Arlington Heights when the annual August Arlington Million takes place. Downtown and the Central Business District are in the process of undergoing a growth spurt. Restaurateurs are doing great business in the area; the same goes for the smaller companies that support local tech employers and health care providers. Whether you are opening up your office, eatery, or storefront for the first time or you are re-branding or upgrading the signage, we have the right custom lobby signs in Arlington Heights IL.

    Dimensional Letters Pop

    custom lobby signs in Arlington Heights ILWhen impressing visitors to your setting is a major consideration, we recommend the display of dimensional letters. They present with a combination of desirable qualities.

    • Material versatility. Acrylic, plastic, metal, and foam are the most commonly selected materials for the products. Combine thicker foam letters with metal or acrylic laminates to give the illusion that your sign is made of the veneer material through and through. This choice saves you a lot of money without compromising on the good looks.
    • Color options. All materials allow for painting. That said, the majority of our clients prefer to keep metals showing off their silver, reddish, and ocher colors. We can heighten these effects with brushed or satin finishes.
    • Mounting choices. Installing dimensional letters directly to the wall is the most common display option for this product line. One of the customization options we offer includes the mounting of the lettering to boards made of acrylic or metal. Combined with a frame or installed with standoffs, the signage impresses with a sleek presentation.

    Lobby Logo Boards Contribute to a Chic Atmosphere

    custom lobby signs in Arlington Heights ILClassiness and sophistication roll into one when you pick logo boards instead of dimensional letters. As we pointed out, it is possible to combine the two. However, clients who favor boards frequently ask us to imprint the company’s name and logo directly on the material. Doing so leads to the creation of attractive acrylic boards that feature smooth lines.

    Another board design idea involves the use of metal. Although rarer, this setup is ideal when you are interested in adding illumination to the mix. Lit lobby signage is quickly catching on in popularity. Allow for a halo presentation by using standoffs during the installation process.

    Experiencing the Lightbox Graphix Difference

    custom lobby signs in Arlington Heights ILWhen buying custom lobby signs in Arlington Heights IL, we start the project with a client consultation. At that time, we learn more about your company, its brand message, and the way you use your interior décor to underscore the marketing aspect of the venue. Next, we take measurements, look at any graphics you would like us to incorporate, and discuss color matches as well as material preferences.

    Then, we present you with a proof that allows you to see the sign before you commit to the purchase. If anything needs to be changed, we can do so. Now is the time to manufacture the product components and schedule a professional installation. In fact, when you contact us today, we can schedule your consultation right away to get a head start on the project.

    custom lobby signs in Arlington Heights IL