• Need Corporate Signage Ideas? Try Digital Prints in Arlington Heights IL!
    Posted on: March 07, 2017

    Look at your walls. Are they bare? Do they feature standard big box office supply store wall art that probably hangs in your competitor’s office, too? Why not combine the customization of digital prints in Arlington Heights IL, with the functionality of excellent corporate signage ideas? In the process, you present a branding and marketing message! How do you go about this win-win?

    Introduce Your Business and Its Niche

    Digital Prints in Arlington Heights ILThe lobby sign already presents your brand message and corporate identity. Now, imagine making the lobby sign into something bigger. Envision a logo board as part of a larger panel that features some of your company’s history in print. Perhaps you could add an image of the corporate founder, a quote, or a photo of the latest expansion property. Make this oversized lobby sign panel a permanent sign or feature temporary aspects with occasionally changing imprinted vinyl overlays.

    Turn Hallways into Product Showrooms

    Digital Prints in Arlington Heights ILForget the dull landscapes, seascapes, and abstract art. Instead, make your hallways pull their weight with digital prints. They can present merchandise in use, in detail, in production, or in packaging. Space permitting, go big. More importantly, add one digital print next to another one. Mount them with brushed aluminum standoffs for added depth.

    Transform Entryways into Service Option Presentations

    Digital Prints in Arlington Heights ILWhen clients, investors, and competitors visit your office, what do they see? Although the ambiance is important, remember that commercial prints devoid of your brand message do not accomplish much for turning your moniker into a household name. These prints also fail at creating brand awareness among clients. If you are in the financial services field, prospective customers should not have to ask if you offer college savings plans or mortgage loans. They should know this already, and they will if you use tastefully done digital prints as wall art in the reception area or foyer.

    Reinforce Product Knowledge among Employees

    Digital Prints in Arlington Heights ILAre your staff members familiar with the goods and services you offer to customers? If these packages undergo frequent upgrades and updates, as may be the case in the financial services or cable television industries, they may have a difficult time keeping up. We recommend the presentation of digitally imprinted vinyl overlays we mount to acrylic panels. Doing so allows you to change the look of the panels whenever there is a package or product update. Mount the signage in the break room, the training room, and anywhere else your workers congregate.

    Do You Need Additional Corporate Signage Ideas?

    Although digital prints in Arlington Heights IL, are certainly at the top of the list of favorite products, you have other options open to you as well. By the way, plenty of business clients have had excellent success pairing these products with other signage solutions. Our pros will be glad to help you find out more.

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