• Need Contractor Truck Lettering in Mt. Prospect IL?
    Posted on: June 30, 2016

    Although the village’s motto is, “Where friendliness is a way of life,” this kind attitude does not prevent local contractors from adopting a cutthroat approach when competing with professionals in nearby Chicago. A short drive away, the city’s residential and commercial demographics are fair game for Mt. Prospect businesses. Standing out, being noticeable among other competitors, and encouraging the formation of name recognition and brand awareness call for the installation of contractor truck lettering in Mt. Prospect IL.

    Truck Lettering: the Basics

     contractor truck lettering in Mt. Prospect ILThe lettering of your vehicle provides information but also does its fair share of heavy lifting with respect to marketing.

    • Engage the consumer. By telling onlookers what your company is all about, you engage in a communication effort with prospective customers. For example, if you operate an auto repair center, tell folks what types of vehicles the shop services, whether it is possible to get original parts, and if you offer accessories, too. Doing so sets you apart from the competition, which may mention a brand but fails to provide additional information.
    • Persuade locals to make buying decisions. Your “buy me” message can be as subtle as “inquire about our free sprinkler inspection with every lawn cut.” It could also be as forceful as “save money on your energy bill today with a master tune-up.” No matter what niche you are in, offering a service or product alongside the purchase of another one is a powerful method for getting new business.
    • Market and brand your company. If you are a newcomer to the niche, you have to hit the ground running. Doing so with a combination of graphics and lettering is your best bet. Your truck should clearly identify the line of work you are in, the name of your company, contact information and the logo portion of your signage. Lettering spells out the pertinent details while colorful graphics catch the eye of passersby.

    Getting the Most out of a Fleet

     contractor truck lettering in Mt. Prospect ILFleet operators know that outfitting a large group of trucks with vehicle wraps is a costly undertaking. Rather than waiting until your marketing budget allows for this treatment, we highly recommend a lettering approach that presents your company’s information to the customer. Since you have the advantage of sending multiple vehicles on the road at any given time, you exponentially increase the number of impressions your advertisement and branding messages reach. This, in turn, has the potential of bringing in new customers, which benefits your bottom line. From there, it is only a short step to seeing your advertising budget increase for the addition of colorful graphics.

    Ordering Contractor Truck Lettering in Mt. Prospect IL

    Contact our graphic artists to discuss the design and installation of a lettering package for your work truck(s). Our experts review any artwork that you already have on file or create something completely new from the ground up. We can incorporate any font or display setup you like. If you are unsure about the best color combination to select for your vehicles, we work with you to narrow down the options to the most useful ones. Contact us today to get started on your design. contractor truck lettering in Mt. Prospect IL