• Must-Have Unlit Exterior Building Signage Examples
    Posted on: March 09, 2017

    Just because everyone else seems to favor front-lit channel letters does not mean that you have to follow suit. In fact, more and more business owners are now turning their attention to unlit building signs that go beyond the standard dimensional lettering setup. Pizzazz ranks high when these professionals look for a way to communicate their brand messages and provide wayfinding assistance to consumers in the process. We have put together some exterior building signage examples that do not need any electrical hookups.

    Suspended Dimensional Letters Look Unusual

    Exterior Building Signage ExamplesAnd, as you know, anything that is out of the ordinary is instant eye candy. We recommend this type of setup when you do not have a good façade to work with or otherwise have the advantage of dealing with a tall entryway. We can fashion dimensional letters from outdoor-rated foam or metal, which we can then mount to metal rails. We paint them to match the backdrop of the building, which causes them almost to disappear from view. Next, we suspend the rails with the mounted letters from an overhang. Since we manufacture the letters to be sufficiently tall so that motorists going past your venue have an easy time reading the information, the wow factor of the presentation is sure to turn heads.

    Board-mounted 3D Logo Signs Impress with Depth

    Exterior Building Signage ExamplesA panel-mounted three-dimensional element presentation is the exact opposite. Rather than hanging the letters from an overhang, we stand them up. Or, to be more precise, we stand up the board that they are mounted on. In this scenario, we recommend going for stark visual contrasts. Black and white is the ultimate contrast and works perfectly. But do not worry if neither color is part of your corporate palette. We base our contrast color on the hue you choose from your corporate tones. We recommend going for the gusto and opting for sign foam that we can cut to depths of up to three inches. If we also add acrylic or metal laminates, we attach even more depth to the presentation.

    A Sandblasted Wall Sign Diverts the Eye to the Side of the Door

    Exterior Building Signage ExamplesSome building signs hang next to an entrance rather than above it. Doing so lets consumers take in the artistry of the signage itself. In the case of sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) panels, this is a good thing. These products are works of art that require precision and a keen eye for balance. Our graphic artists have both. We help you decide on the sign’s style elements that you want to have stood out in a 3D fashion. From there, we work with the material to present you with an excellent product that features an attractive look, boosts the curb appeal of your venue, and attracts the eyes of passersby and motorists.

    Buy Non-illuminated Wall Signs

    If our unlit exterior building signage examples have piqued your interest in finding out what this kind of product could look like on your façade, discuss your thoughts with our experts. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

    Exterior Building Signage Examples