• Make the Right Brand Statement with Custom Vehicle Graphics in Arlington Heights IL
    Posted on: January 12, 2017

    Communicating your brand message with a customized vehicle graphics product is one of the many reasons why growing numbers of business owners invest in these advertising products. But how do you know that the layout the technician suggests is your best option? More importantly, how can you be sure that the sign shop you work with is the best choice? We have answers to your questions regarding custom vehicle graphics in Arlington Heights IL.

    The Advertising Message Determines the Focal Point

    Custom Vehicle Graphics in Arlington Heights ILEach vehicle graphics package, whether it is a wrap or lettering and image combination, has a focal point. The layout’s purpose is to draw attention to this information. All style elements work together to draw the eye first to the focal point and then free the gaze to take in the rest of the data. For example, if the vehicle graphics package introduces a new company, the name and logo are the most important points. If you work with someone who proposes a graphic design that looks great but does not have that one element to turn heads, you are not at the right place.

    The Foreground, Middle, and Background Each Plays a Role

    Custom Vehicle Graphics in Arlington Heights ILAt the danger of sounding like your high school’s art teacher, each picture’s elements occupy one of these three planes. When you look at a full van wrap that seems to pop, you have experienced the expert application of this principle. In contrast, when the whole appearance just looks flat, you know the designer did not follow basic image creation techniques. Obviously, the focal point should be in the foreground.

    Never Repeat, “That’s not What I Asked For”

    Speaking of designers who may not follow proper graphic design procedures, remember that misunderstandings happen. For this reason, we always put together a proof that shows you the graphics’ appearance before we go into production. The review is a time to correct mistakes or let a graphic artist know if there was a misunderstanding. However, this is a conversation you should only have once. If the layout technician comes back with something that is entirely different from what you asked for, it is time to move on. (At our sign shop, the phrase we typically hear is, “You’ve read my mind!”)

    Walk Away from the Technician with the Leftover Vinyl

    Custom Vehicle Graphics in Arlington Heights ILExperts in the field know exactly how to calculate the amount of vinyl they need for any graphics package. These pros order the vinyl product that makes the most sense for your use. They factor in the size of the vehicle, the package type, special effects additions, and possible challenges such as rivets. If someone has a bunch of material left over, you may not necessarily get the vinyl that is right for the project. You might also end up with a patchwork of different types of plastic.

    Talk to the Pros with the Experience

    Because you never get the chance to repeat the first impression of your brand, a lot is riding on the look of your custom vehicle graphics in Arlington Heights IL. Talk to our visual artists to learn more about the options you have when selecting car vinyl decals or truck graphics. We help you decide on the package that is right for your needs, vehicle, and message display.

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