• Looking for the Best Car Decals and Stickers in Mt. Prospect IL?
    Posted on: July 21, 2016

    Let us save you the legwork; when you are looking for the best car decals and stickers in Mt. Prospect IL, you cannot go wrong with contacting our signage specialists. Granted, this sounds a bit self-serving, but we have the facts to back up the assertion.

    When You Say Car Sticker, We See the Whole Vehicle

    car decals and stickers in Mt. Prospect ILMention the term “car sticker” to someone, and the thoughts immediately turn to bumper stickers. We agree that bumper stickers are among the most useful opaque car decals you can put on a conveyance. An adhesive keeps them in place; a UV-protective coating keeps them looking great, and your message keeps delivering its marketing and branding one-two punch. But why not go beyond the bumper?

    For example, why not apply a micro-perforated vinyl sticker to your rear window? We imprint the material with your advertising message. You can still see outside, which lets you drive your car, truck, or van safely. Those on the outside, however, see your message. While the car stuck behind you in traffic may be too close to see your bumper, the driver cannot help but take in your rear window message. Once we cover it with clear plastic, you do not have to worry about dust and dirt marring the surface.

    Another type of car decal we favor is the spot graphic. Our installers usually place them on the sides, roofs, or hoods of vehicles. They combine a graphic with lettering, which allows you to present your business’ information in style. If a comprehensive graphics package is not right for you at this time, the spot graphic is an excellent compromise.

    A Change of Adhesives Alters Usage Options

    car decals and stickers in Mt. Prospect ILAnother difference between our graphic artists and those who immediately think of sticky decals is our understanding of the difference an adhesive can make.

    • High-contact glue. Do you rent out trailers, need to get some marine equipment to vendors, or outfit rental vehicles with information about your company? Regular bumper stickers will not cut it. You need adhesive backings that remain intact in all types of weather and circumstances.
    • Standard adhesives. For your average bumper sticker or vehicle decal identifying your fleet trucks, conventional adhesives work well. We can remove them when you change the way you use your trucks, cars, or vans in your mobile marketing plans.
    • car decals and stickers in Mt. Prospect ILStatic cling. When you create stickers to give away to customers, you want them to be displayed on vehicles. Thus, when the consumer drives to her or his neighborhood, you are able to reach a demographic that you might not otherwise have been able to market to. However, some car owners do not like the idea of sticky displays. We recommend the use of static cling stickers instead. Customers may put them inside on the vehicle glass for an excellent presentation.

    Now that we have backed up our assertion of providing our clients with the best car decals and stickers in Mt. Prospect IL, find out for yourself what our specialists can do for your marketing needs with these versatile products. Schedule a design consultation today.

    car decals and stickers in Mt. Prospect IL