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    Posted on: November 01, 2016

    The local business community thrives, in part, because the Rivers Casino and the headquarters of UOP LLC are situated here. Small businesses, too, contribute to the vibrancy of the city’s commercial zones. But no matter how large or small a company might be, all share the need for excellent interior and exterior signs that clearly communicate their brand identities. When looking for a full service sign shop, Des Plaines IL, business owners in the know entrust their projects to the experts at Lightbox Graphix.

    What Separates a Sign Store from a Full-service Sign Shop?

    Full Service Sign Shop Des Plaines ILYou have undoubtedly seen the online ads for do-it-yourself signage stores. They offer to print the designs that you create at home. Then, they mail you the finished products. This is all good and well, until you realize that these stores miss one essential key ingredient that is vital for good signage design: services.

    • Design help. Even if you have a great idea already in your head, it helps to talk it through with expert graphic artists. They can help you decide on lobby signs featuring logo boards or dimensional letters – or both!
    • Permitting assistance. City officials require that exterior signs meet specific display standards and zoning rules. Unless you are intimately familiar with the details, you may be disappointed to find out that the channel letters you ordered online are too large for your intended display location. Our specialists help you with the permitting process so that there will be no surprises.
    • Industry insider knowledge. We know the emerging trends, the signs that are no longer considered hot, and the types of graphics everyone uses. Our visual artists help you to avoid the flavor of the month in favor of the ideal branding solution that suits your needs.Full Service Sign Shop Des Plaines IL
    • Professional installation. Even if the DIY channel letters you ordered are okay to put up, would you know how to do it? If you have to hire someone to do the job, the cheap letters suddenly are not very inexpensive any longer. Avoid the hassle and let our technicians handle the job from inception to installation – at a good price.
    • After-the-sale support. When the sign needs maintenance, or you have questions about accidental damage to a vehicle wrap’s panel, we are here to give you answers and provide any needed service.
    • Maintenance and repair services. Our specialists come to your location to maintain the signage you bought. We ensure that it remains looking great, year after year. If it needs repairs, we gladly visit your storefront or office and take care of the problem.

    Why Having High-tech Sign Shop Equipment Matters

    Full Service Sign Shop Des Plaines ILIn addition to providing valuable services to the local business community, we also rely on superior equipment. Doing so is necessary to guarantee accurate color matches and display vibrancy. If you have ever seen a poster or banner that seemed to have washed out, bleeding or shadowy colors, you know exactly what we mean. Our late-model printing equipment is suitable for various substrates.

    When you are ready to find out what we can do for your company today, contact the full service sign shop Des Plaines IL, business leaders on the cutting edge rely on.

    Full Service Sign Shop Des Plaines IL