• Learn All About Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Mt. Prospect IL
    Posted on: August 11, 2016

    Why are more and more business clients ordering dimensional letter building signs for Mt. Prospect IL, storefronts and office buildings? How does this signage solution stand out when compared to other products? Your questions – answered!

    Superior Material Selection is a Benefit

    dimensional letter building signs for Mt. Prospect ILTypical materials used for a channel letter sign include aluminum for the body and polycarbonate for the facing. When commissioning a dimensional letter sign, you have a broader range of choices.

    • Sign foam. Outdoor-rated sign foam is a favorite material of business owners who like a dramatic 3D presentation. Since these letters support increased thicknesses, they can look fantastic on a façade when lit with spotlights from just the right angle.
    • Acrylic. Sleek and chic, acrylic can come with a glossy or matte finish. Combine multiple letter sizes and colors for a fun display.
    • Metal. Many consider metal to be the staple of enterprises in the financial sector. Now, you can imitate their looks without paying a mint. The availability of various paint products makes aluminum letters look like brass, gold, bronze, or silver. Of course, you could always order the real deal. Cast or cut, this material dresses up your façade.
    • Wood. Depending on your niche, wood may be the right signage solution for your business. Stained or polished, it looks great on the wall.

    Multiple Mounting Options Allow for Creativity

    dimensional letter building signs for Mt. Prospect ILWould you like our installers to mount the letters flush to the wall? No problem! The look is neat and clean, which appeals to plenty of customers. Another option is a standoff installation that creates the illusion of letters floating right above the wall’s surface.

    When you face a color conflict between the sign’s style elements and the building’s color, or both tones are too similar to allow for a display that pops, the use of a board as intermediary surface helps. Painted in a color that complements both tones, it also offers the contrast you need to let the lettering stand out. For business owners with an overhang on the building wall, why not mount the letters standing up or hanging down with brackets? Doing so results in an unusual look that you simply do not see very often.

    Buying Dimensional Letter Building Signs for Mt. Prospect IL, Commercial Venues

    dimensional letter building signs for Mt. Prospect ILContact our graphic artists to discuss your plans for a building sign. We work with you to put your thoughts on paper and provide you with a tangible proof that shows you what the product will look like. Our technicians visit your location to take measurements, inspect the façade, and gauge the speed with which motorists drive by your business.

    Based on these findings, we can recommend installation options, an ideal letter height, and discuss colors as well as material preferences. If you are unsure whether your sign will pass muster with the local zoning officials, we can help. Since we handle the permitting process for our clients, we usually already know what signage types officials approve. Even so, we do not start manufacture until we have the permits. Contact us today to schedule your initial design consultation!

    dimensional letter building signs for Mt. Prospect IL