• Know the Distinction Between Exterior Signs and Outdoor Signs
    Posted on: January 24, 2017

    Outfitting a business with the right signs can feel like an overwhelming task. It gets downright frustrating when you talk to folks who throw jargon terms at you. We are here to help! Let’s start with the distinction between exterior signs and outdoor signs. The terms sure sound similar, but they really are not.

    Exterior Signs Attach to the Building

    exterior signs and outdoor signs
    If our installers have to drill even one hole into the façade of your building, you are dealing with an exterior sign. It attaches directly to the building itself. Examples include channel or dimensional letters, electrical cabinets, and high-density urethane panels. What sets apart these sign products from one another is the difference between built-in illumination and no light sources. We usually recommend the installation of lit building signs.
    Cases in point are channel letters. We construct them from sturdy aluminum. LED light sources go inside. Depending on your illumination selection, we close off the front or the back with polycarbonate facings. You might choose between front lit, halo lit, and combination lit signage. Electrical cabinets, on the other hand, are always front lit when attached to a façade. Also known as a lightbox cabinet, we can imprint the facing directly or apply a customized vinyl overlay. Whereas channel letters show only your company’s name, the front of a lightbox cabinet features additional data such as a phone number, a professional affiliation, or niche specific information.
    It is interesting to note that window graphics and door lettering also fall under the heading of exterior signs. Because they attach to the glass panes of the building, the trade considers them to fall into this category. If you have street facing windows, we suggest incorporating this budget-friendly advertising product into your signage suite.

    Elegance is No Problem

    exterior signs and outdoor signs
    When you have the opportunity to select colorful acrylics, brushed aluminum, elegant cast bronze plaques, or meticulously sandblasted high-density urethane boards, there is no shortage of elegance. Typically, these signs do not feature built-in illumination. Instead, you might need to install façade lighting. And because these signage solutions feature three-dimensional characters, aiming the building lights just right results in an eye-catching display of light and shadow areas.

    Outdoor Signs Come Next

    exterior signs and outdoor signs
    Next, there are the outdoor signs. These do not attach to your building but stand alone. Think of post and panel signs in your parking lot. They provide wayfinding assistance for customers. These products also help regulate parking and identify ADA-compliant spots. Other examples of outdoor signs include the monument marker at the entrance to the parking lot, pole-mounted electronic reader boards, pylon signs, and lawn signs.
    Depending on your company’s advertising needs and marketing preferences, you might also include temporary outdoor signage. Examples would include flags, vinyl banners, and portables like A-frames.

    Discuss Your Sign Questions with an Expert Today

    exterior signs and outdoor signs
    We understand that there are a lot of choices to make. But when you are ready to learn more about the signage solutions open to you and the distinction between exterior signs and outdoor signs, our friendly experts are ready to answer your questions. We work with you to find the right materials, sizes, colors, and installation options. Contact us today to find out more!

    exterior signs and outdoor signs