• What Kind of Custom Lobby Sign is Right for Your Office?
    Posted on: November 15, 2016

    Installing a custom lobby sign in the reception area is a must for any company that wants to cultivate repeat business. Do you know why? We have narrowed down the list of reasons to the three most important ones.Custom Lobby Sign

    1. Make a great first impression. You want the client to take notice of your office. Something needs to be memorable enough to make name recognition possible. In almost all cases, this is the lobby sign.
    2. Welcome the client. A sign that appeals to the customer on a gut level is an excellent welcome message. Whether it is the material you select, the colors you choose, or even the size of the marker that makes it stand out, if the client likes it, s/he feels welcomed and at ease.
    3. Expand on your brand persona. Ideally, your sign hints at the way you do business. Let visitors to your office know what to expect from interactions with your staff. Do you run a serious operation or are you cultivating a fun environment?

    As you can tell, customization is the key element in making the sign fit for your office. But how do you know which type of lobby marker is right for you? Our experts have summarized the selection criteria to give you a road map for the choice of the product.Custom Lobby Sign

    • Wall space. The size of the wall you have available for the signage determines whether you should opt for a logo board, which is suitable for smaller areas, or a dimensional letter lobby sign. The latter is ideal for the coverage of larger walls.
    • Budget. Your budget determines the material selection. For example, start-up companies with smaller budgets like foam or PVC. Firms with a “money is no object” budget favor solid metal letters that are about one inch thick. In between the two, you find acrylic dimensional letters, foam letters with metal laminates, and logo boards with vinyl overlays.
    • Identity. The company’s brand identity may demand the use of a boutique material. For example, a luxury spa that highlights its back-to-nature brand message will do well with wood or granite for a lobby sign. The architect who is known for innovation may look to glass and stainless steel as a material combo for the reception area marker.
    • Attitude. Aside from your brand persona, there is also the overall mood of the office environment. For the company that likes to include a “wow” experience in every aspect, it makes sense to commission a three-inch-thick foam sign featuring dimensional letters with laminates. Once properly illuminated, the product becomes an unusual wall feature. Another wow-worthy display is the internally illuminated lobby sign. We like to use aluminum bodies with push-through acrylic letters. Other options include back-lit logo boards and scaled down channel letters.

    Custom Lobby SignWe hope we have heightened your curiosity about the design of a custom lobby sign that is exactly right for your office. When you discuss your plans with our graphic artists, we gladly help you walk through the selection process to find the right look for your space.

    Custom Lobby Sign