• Interior Signs in Mt. Prospect IL: What’s Available?
    Posted on: September 08, 2016

    Whether you are outfitting a commercial property with new signage for the first time, are undergoing a rebranding process, or just want to upgrade the signage you have had around for a while, finding the right interior signs in Mt. Prospect IL, helps to communicate your marketing and branding messages effectively. What are the options?

    First Things First: Lobby Logo Boards or 3D Letters

     interior signs in Mt. Prospect ILThe lobby sign is one of the most important buying decisions you make when adding markers to your venue. No other sign is as instrumental in setting the tone for a client’s experience at your business as this product. Not surprisingly, plenty of folks agonize over the choice. We can help.

    Your first decision is the display mode. Do you prefer a logo board or dimensional letters? The board may feature acrylic or metal, which we imprint with your company’s information. When you want to go high-tech, we can add LEDs for illumination behind it. If you pick push-through acrylic lettering, the lobby sign may present with these features lit.

    For a 3D lettering display, select from acrylic, PVC, metal or boutique materials like glass or wood. The advantage of this option is the ability to cover a significant portion of wall space with the style elements of your display. When you choose machined stainless steel letters, we can place LEDs into the hollow parts of the sign components for illumination.

    Comply with the Law: ADA and Wayfinding Signage

     interior signs in Mt. Prospect ILThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that customers with disabilities can enjoy equal access to your facility as those clients who do not have any physical limitations. Part of compliance that the law requires involves the design and installation of your wayfinding signage. Wayfinding signs and ADA-compliant products frequently are the same thing.

    • High contrast colors. We can base a contrast color on the use of at least one corporate hue. Doing so allows for brand message communication alongside compliance.
    • Font. The law specifies the fonts that the signs must feature. Even though the font you select may be different from the one chosen for your company’s name display, you can still incorporate a name display on the signage.
    • Braille II. These dots must be located underneath the wording on the sign. They do not have to be visually apparent.

    Directories Start off the Customer’s Experience on the Right Foot

     interior signs in Mt. Prospect ILDo not let clients wander around your facility and get lost. A well-designed directory provides an alphabetical and numerical listing of tenants and suite numbers. Of course, this is not necessary for a smaller office building with only about five to ten tenants.

    Etched Vinyl Privacy Film Reverses the Fishbowl Effect

    When selecting interior signs in Mt. Prospect IL, consider the privacy needs of your clients and workers. Those conducting sensitive business transactions involving cash, counseling, or confidentiality of any type should not be clearly visible at all times. Etched privacy film makes it possible to maintain the open floor plan design with its glass-enclosed offices while affording the privacy needed for these transactions.

    Other ideas for interior signs include wall graphics, customized wallpaper or murals, and similar items. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

     interior signs in Mt. Prospect IL