• Ignoring the Importance of Print Quality Lowers Brand Recognition in Rosemont IL
    Posted on: December 13, 2016

    When the print quality of your company’s advertising materials is inconsistent across multiple media, you sacrifice the effectiveness of brand recognition in Rosemont IL. Examples could include even slight color mismatches between window graphics and wall images, channel letters and window posters. If you consider the strategic marketing importance of Rosemont, partially based on its placement between Chicago and the O’Hare International Airport, you cannot afford errors in your branding materials.

    Since this location causes plenty of consumers to pass through Rosemont and perhaps also do business there, skimping on the quality of your offline branding materials can significantly dampen brand awareness and recognition. Can you afford this mistake? More importantly, can your brand afford for you to make this error?

    Importance of Print Quality for National and International Brands

    Brand recognition in Rosemont ILYour brand is a combination of three distinct components.

    1. Product quality. Are you known for delivering products with a consistent quality? The consistency is what factors into your branding.
    2. Customer care promise. Customer care differs from customer service because it goes beyond merely doing the expected. Care may require you to go beyond the stated scope of duty.
    3. Shared value recognition. Customers like to relate to the brands they purchase on a visceral level. They want to like you. They want to feel good about buying from you rather than the store down the street. You encapsulate some of this value recognition in the shape and color selection of your brand symbol and font.

    Not surprisingly, when you compromise on print quality for the sake of cost or convenience, you damage consumers’ ability to recognize the shared value or brand. Break this tie, and the shopper may keep driving or walking. (This is one of the reasons why your channel letters have to be as close to perfect concerning color display and font presentation as is humanly possible.)

    Boosting Brand Recognition in Rosemont IL

    Brand recognition in Rosemont ILDiscuss your brand strategy with our print quality experts. When outfitting our shop, we invested in top-of-the-line print equipment that not only gets the shade palmetto pink exactly right, but also differentiates it from Odessa pink and salmon mousse. Our experts do not compromise on a shade that is “close enough” but do it right. By assigning our shop all your signage needs, you simplify your product sourcing by streamlining it and ensuring the exact color match every single time.

    This understanding is a great jumping off point to create branding and marketing campaigns across a variety of media, including trade show graphics, window graphics, banner display presentations, and indoor as well as outdoor signage setups. Because even a minute deviation from a corporate color palette is easy to spot, consumers catch on right away when something is off. If you seek to build brand recognition with travelers from the airport or nearby Chicago, do not harm your chances at building national brand awareness! You will most likely not get a second chance to do so.Brand recognition in Rosemont IL

    Call us today to find out how we can help you build brand recognition across a broad range of products.

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