• High-Quality Vehicle Graphics for High-Quality Food Trucks
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    Posted on: June 29, 2017

    Food trucks have become an immensely popular way of serving food to hungry people. The recent cultural phenomenon of the food truck can only be attributed to the talent and drive of great chefs. These chefs have pushed the concept of food trucks from a convenient but lackluster lunch option to a sought after culinary experience. With the added prestige that food trucks have obtained, food truck owners and operators have to seriously up their image to match their reputation. Not everyone is aware of the food truck revolution and may not be inclined to trust a food truck to deliver top-quality food and service. Vehicle graphics and lettering by Lightbox Gaphix add a professional quality to your food truck.

    Vehicle Graphics in Mt. Prospect IL

    Vehicle Graphics Add a Professional Look

    One of the negative sides to operating a food truck is the reputation. Food trucks have not always been known for high-quality menu items and rigorous preparation. When most people think food truck, they think of greasy but convenient meals for a quick, regret-filled lunch before they head back to work. Those days are gone. Just in Chicago, there’s a food truck with a built-in brick pizza oven and not one, but two trucks that serve lobster dishes. With chefs crafting such high-quality items in the back of trucks, you’ll want to make sure your food truck can compete.

    Of course, the food you offer is delicious. People aren’t going to know that if you serve it out of a beat-up, one-time ice cream truck, though. Vehicle graphics can add a professional look to your food truck that will match your expertly-crafted menu. A professional look will build trust with diners and build your brand at the same time. People will want to buy your food when they see you have a professional graphic with your name contact information. And you’ll be getting exposure for your business too.

    Vehicle Graphics in Chicago IL

    Limitless Options

    Our digital printing technology allows us to create graphics that will perfectly suit your truck. We create vinyl menus and install them on your truck. Or you can tell the story of your rise to food truck fame with a graphic. This would give diners something to keep them occupied while they patiently wait to place their order. We can even include images of your most popular dishes. This will get mouths watering as people prepare to order, making for easy upsells.

    Vehicle Graphics and Lettering for Your Food Trucks

    If you want your image to be on the same level as your expertly-crafted food, call our team for expertly-crafted vehicle graphics for your food truck.