• A Guide to Channel Letter Signs for Mt. Prospect IL
    Posted on: August 16, 2016

    To say that channel letters are among the most popular building signs with members of the local business community would be an understatement. We have countless daily inquiries about the design, manufacture, and installation of channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect IL, venues. What makes these signage solutions so versatile, and how can you benefit from their installation? Your questions – answered!

    Combining a Rugged Design with Attractive Style Elements

    channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect ILThe basic channel letter design calls for the manufacture of sturdy aluminum bodies. The lightweight material does not rust and is impervious to insect damage. Because aluminum does not bring with it a lot of weight, well-designed channel letters can be useful for the installation on facades where the substrate cannot support heavier signage. Depending on the illumination choice, we close off the fronts or backs of the letters with long-lasting polycarbonate.

    Built-in Illumination Takes the Guesswork out of after-dark Branding and Marketing

    channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect ILContemporary channel letters feature built-in LEDs as their light sources. By putting the signs on timers, you no longer have to worry about turning on the illumination by hand. The lights come on automatically at a pre-defined time. You have four options for lighting up your sign.

    1. Front-lit letters. The most common choice among retailers is the selection of front-lit signage. We close off the letters’ fronts with colorful polycarbonate and allow the light to escape in this manner.
    2. Backlit signage. When you like the look of an after-dark halo effect, we suggest backlit letters. Our technicians close the fronts of the letters with painted aluminum but cover the backs with translucent polycarbonate, which allows the light to form the halo.
    3. Combination illumination. For the best of both worlds, opt for a mix of the two. In this setting, the halo effect is less pronounced but clearly present even as the light escapes through the fronts as well.
    4. Open-face design. When the old-fashioned diner signage of the Art Deco era has always had a special place in your heart, why not recreate the look with open-faced channel letters? The light sources are clearly visible in this setup.

    Choosing the Installation that is Right for the Building

    channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect ILThere are different installation options available to you. For example, when our technicians have access to the individual letters from the back of the façade, we can flush-mount the components directly to the wall. This presentation gives your sign a neat, clean look. For backlit channel letters, we need to add a two-inch standoff. If access to the backs of the letters is impossible, or if your lease explicitly forbids the installation of individual letters directly to your façade, we suggest the use of a raceway.

    The raceway is little more than an elongated box that contains all the electrical components of your sign. We require fewer drill holes to install it, which endears this mounting option to landlords and management companies. Our technicians attach the letters to the front of the product and paint it to blend in with the façade. A third option is the installation of the letters to a board. We frequently do so when the color contrast between the letters and the façade is insufficient to allow the signage to stand out or if the tone mix is not visually pleasing.

    Our guide to channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect IL, would be incomplete without mentioning that you could also select unlit channel letters for your setting. However, in this situation, you may do better with dimensional letters. Contact our graphic artists today to find out more.

    channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect IL