• Get Attention with Illuminated Projecting Signs in Rosemont IL
    Posted on: March 23, 2017

    Everyone knows the standard wall-mounted sign. Whether you choose channel letters, dimensional letters, an electrical cabinet, or a central display board, these products combine wayfinding functionality with marketing and branding support. Having a building sign in place is a necessity for any business – anywhere. But you do not have to be satisfied with a typical marker appearance. For example, have you ever considered the design and installation of illuminated projecting signs?

    Why Choose Projecting Signs?

    Illuminated Projecting SignsIn a word: visibility. While standard building signage appeals to the consumer, who is looking straight at the building’s front, projecting signs jut out and present their messages to shoppers coming from either direction on the sidewalk. In a high-traffic area, this setup makes your location more visible to those approaching the building from either direction. Already vastly popular in Europe and America’s biggest cities, this technology is now also taking other locations by storm.

    Makeup of this Signage Type

    Illuminated Projecting SignsJust as with any other standard signage type, there are countless customization options. For example, consider the design of a lightbox that features your company’s information imprinted on a polycarbonate panel. Constructed from durable aluminum, it displays your corporate logo and name. The color presentation generates brand awareness among shoppers. After dark, the built-in LEDs illuminate the cabinet. Instead of mounting this product flat to the wall, we install it with brackets that allow it jut out at a perpendicular setting.

    Another great option is the presentation of your corporate name with backlit channel letters. Mounted to a board, they spell out your information in its iconic font. Rather than reading the information from left to right, the consumer now reads it from the bottom to the top. This design style is a good option when you prefer a narrower approach. Some clients like the idea of displaying each letter of a company’s name individually on its own panel. Doing so works well when you have a short name.

    When you like the idea of the three-dimensional setup, we recommend the use of sandblasted high-density urethane (HDU) signs. Although we do not build illumination into these markers, we can install it as part of the display arm, where it will focus a spotlight on the sign from the top. Layering style elements with metal or acrylic on a board is another alternative. Once again, in these cases, the illumination would have to come from the display arm.

    Ordering Illuminated Projecting Signs in Rosemont IL

    Illuminated Projecting SignsIf we have piqued your interest in learning more about this signage solution, discuss your thoughts with our business sign experts. Even if you are not yet ready to give up your standard wall-mounted building signs, consider the addition of an illuminated projecting sign to catch the eye of customers who are approaching your location from the sides rather than the front. We gladly show you different design styles, sizes, and mounting options.

    After conducting a site survey at your venue, we can give you a better understanding of where we could mount these markers to ensure the best possible visibility and aesthetics. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

    Illuminated Projecting Signs