• Effective Custom POP Displays 101
    Posted on: January 17, 2017

    Point of purchase, or POP, displays are must-haves for any business owner engaged in selling anything – whether you are dealing with consumer goods, upscale products, or spa services. The goal of an effective marketing campaign is the impulse buy. The majority of custom POP displays seek to encourage it by helping the buyer envision a way to heighten the enjoyment of a product with a complementing purchase. For example, a mortgage broker may offer a client not just a great rate on a loan but also suggest the add-on of an equity line of credit. In the grocery business, a store owner may display advertisements for pretzels or salty nuts right next to the beer coolers.

    And the Most Effective POP Sign is …

    Custom POP DisplaysAccording to Business Town, the hands-down best product is the floor display. It might consist of a standee, a kiosk setup, or a combination of a demonstration counter and banner stands featuring customized branding and advertising messages. If the last setup sounds familiar, you are not alone.

    It is part of our trade show presentation materials. We understand that keeping your marketing costs low is one of the ways that you can stretch revenues more to accomplish the other upgrades you had in mind for your business. We suggest the reusable trade show setups because you can repurpose them for different POP displays at any time.

    Other Display Product Options

    Custom POP DisplaysOf course, what works for the retailer next door may not work for you and vice versa. Factor in your consumer demographic, brand appeal, and product selection when making the decision to invest in customized POP signs. There are plenty of choices.

    • Tabletop display. A scaled down banner that sits on a display counter is an excellent product to call attention to your merchandise, explain its benefits, and introduce at least one special offer associated with the item. Whether it includes “free shipping,” “half off,” or a “free service evaluation,” spell it out with the tabletop display.
    •  Posters. Ceiling-mounted posters are ideal for the types of products that your customers are already familiar with. Conversely, it also works well with brands that are introducing new product lines. Customize the display with cutouts and actual product mounts. For framed posters, choose a presentation location that is near the actual product shelving space. Doing so ensures that the message creates a need right where your setup can meet it.
    • Wall graphics. Some retailers have had fantastic success by transforming a wall into an exclusive merchandising section for a particular product. By highlighting benefits, showing images of happy consumers using the item, and providing scientific information on the manufacture that makes the merchandise superior to its competition, you draw the eye and persuade the mind.

    How to Order Custom POP Displays for Your Business

    Custom POP DisplaysContact our advertising sign specialists to learn more about the options open to you. We work with you to identify attractive presentation materials that bespeak your brand while highlighting the benefits of a product or service.

    Call us today to schedule a design consultation and learn more!

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