• Directory and Wayfinding Signs are the Perfect Combo
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    Posted on: June 22, 2017

    Most people do not like to get lost. Sometimes, you might not mind forgetting yourself in a local park. It’s frustrating to get totally lost in an office complex while on your way to an important meeting, though. It’s easy to wind up lost in a multi-story building filled with rooms and doors and hallways. Usually, everything in an office complex looks the same, too. This makes it even more difficult to navigate these types of places. If you own or operate a large, multi-story building like an office complex, make sure visitors and employees know exactly where they’re heading. Wayfinding signs and directories by Lightbox Graphix are the best way to do this.

    A Happy Marriage

    When it comes to signage combinations, few signage types can come together to create a perfect system like directory and wayfinding signs. These two options complement each other perfectly. Directories and wayfinding signs are a practical and purposeful addition to your interior signage.


    Wayfinding Signs in Mt. Prospect IL

    You’ve probably seen directories in your life. Usually, these are found in the front lobbies of office buildings. These front lobby directories are a necessity, but you shouldn’t settle for a single directory in your building. Your lobby directory is certainly useful. But once visitors leave your lobby, they have to remember where they need to get to.

    If you use a combination of directories in different areas of your building, you’ll ensure that your visitors remember where they’re headed. Some great places to put smaller directories include your elevator lobby, upper floors in your building, parking garages or the intersections of corridors. These directories don’t have to take up as much space as your lobby directory, but they should include relevant information.

    Wayfinding Signs

    Wayfinding Signs in Mt. Prospect IL

    Wayfinding signs will guide your visitors once the directories inform them of where they need to be. They can include general directions or can be made to be hyperlocal, guiding visitors to a series of suites or a specific department. These are also great for guiding people to essential areas in your building. Wayfinding signs can indicate the direction to restrooms, stairwells, elevators, and emergency exits in your building. This ensures that not only will people be able to find the office they’re looking for, but will be able to find their way out again. And if there is an emergency, wayfinding sign will help curb any panic situation as people search for emergency exits.

    The Right Combination for You

    If you’re interested in a combination of directories and wayfinding signs, call our expert team today to discuss the right options for your building.