• Custom Floor Graphics Boost Consumer Brand Engagement
    Posted on: December 28, 2016

    Vinyl wall graphics make an enormous impact on the overall ambiance of your retail location or service establishment. Combined with lettering, they can change the atmosphere of an office. But there is one thing missing from the puzzle: custom floor graphics. These products are highly effective marketing and branding tools that offer a distinctive boost to the way your customers engage with the company’s brand.

    Designed for Daily Use

    Custom Floor GraphicsWhen discussing vinyl floor graphics with our clients, business owners frequently worry about the product’s durability. We apply a plastic film that manufacturers designed for the purpose of display in a high-use environment. Moreover, the material’s thickness is minor, which ensures that it does not create a trip hazard. The top laminate features a skid-proof coating, which makes the stickers safe to walk on. Cleanup is as simple as wiping it with a wet cloth. There is no need for specialty cleaners or treatments, which is ideal for a busy retail environment.

    Stand out with Customized Floor Graphics

    Custom Floor GraphicsWhat sets apart this advertising tool from so many others is the level of customization you can introduce into your space.

    • Shapes. Opt for contour cuts, standard geometric forms, or something else altogether. The use of unusual shapes is ideal for catching the eye and boosting your marketing messages at the same time.
    • Multiple substrate options. There is a vinyl for virtually any floor graphic display. Do not limit yourself to floor stickers for your tiled areas. Instead, select this marketing option for carpeting, exterior bricks, stairs, and any other type of flooring you may have inside or outside. We adjust the material selection accordingly.
    • Plenty of applications. Communicate safety messages to your customers. Warehouse stores, in particular, do well with limiting access to areas where forklifts operate. Place floor decals in addition to other warning signs for a maximum impact. Offer wayfinding assistance with these types of stickers, too. Point in the directions of the elevators, discount shelves, favorite customer service destinations, and service counters. Enhance brand awareness among shoppers by co-branding your establishment with the symbols of manufacturers. By doing so, customers start thinking about your store when they need a particular brand item.

    Temporary Graphics are Excellent for Trade Shows, Too!

    Custom Floor GraphicsBy the way, vinyl floor graphics are ideal for your next trade show presentation as well. Lead attendees to your live product demonstration area with footprints and entice visitors to enter sweepstakes or take advantage of your free offers. When you tie in the floor graphics with an online webpage you set up for the occasion, you can also incorporate quick response (QR) codes that allow shoppers to take advantage of special deals.

    Buy Custom Floor Graphics

    Contact the vinyl graphics specialists at Lightbox Graphix. Our experts serve the business communities in and around Mt. Prospect, Rosemont, Elk Grove Village, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, and Chicago, IL. We work with you to integrate floor stickers into your overall advertising displays or create them to be the focal points of a new marketing campaign. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

    Custom Floor Graphics