• Considerations When Planning a Wayfinding Signage Solution
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    Posted on: April 24, 2017

    Whether you are planning for brand new wayfinding signage or are looking to revamp a system that doesn’t seem to be efficient, the task can be intimidating. If you are unsure if your Wayfinding sign is effective, consider how often you are asked for directions or how often clients have gotten lost. If it happens on a somewhat regular basis, it might be time for an update.

    Declutter and Organize

    Less is often more when it comes to wayfinding signs. Rather than adding a lot of extra signage, many companies can work wayfinding into other signage or organize it into the signage they already have in place. Making everything cohesive and putting important information together will grab more attention while guiding visitors through the building.

    Horizontal Signage

    Not all signage has to be hung on a wall. Rather than trying to put information in a concise and easy-to-read way on a wall sign, you can use graphics on the ground the get your customers where they need to be. The most notable use of this tactic is Ikea. Since it is such a large store, they put arrows on walls and floors to guide customers where they are going.


    If you have a very large location, the height of your wayfinding signs can make a big difference. In grocery stores, aisles are marked above each entrance for good reason. It ensures everyone can see the signage from nearly all points in the store and can identify where they are going much easier.


    Even the best sign won’t have good visibility if there isn’t good lighting. Be sure there is a good light source to best illuminate your sign. This increase in visibility can add a simple touch in making the most out of Wayfinding Signs.

    Color Code

    For bigger Wayfinding Signs, having a color code will make design much simpler while letting customers find their way quicker. This is popular in malls, where types of retail stores are color coded together for easy use.

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