• Collaborating with a Full-Service Sign Shop for Brand Building
    Posted on: December 01, 2016

    There is more to brand building than picking out a few pretty colors, putting them on signs, and advertising your business, service, or product. The experts at Lightbox Graphix understand that there is a vast difference between marketing a product and branding the company that offers it. Moreover, we realize that building your brand is a multi-faceted approach. Are you ready to collaborate with our experts to present it to the consumer?

    Creating an Emotional Connection

    Brand BuildingWhile your marketing messages are primarily “buy me” communications, branding expresses shared values that connect you to the targeted audience. Sure, you may have the best widget in town, but if your customers do not connect on a gut level to your organization, sales will remain lower than they could be.

    Expressing your brand with signage does not have to be complicated. That said, it calls for finesse.

    • Logo design. If you do not yet have a logo, our graphic artists will be glad to sit down with you and work on some designs. The symbol should encapsulate what you stand for.
    • Color selection. We like to use color psychology when helping clients who are just starting out in business to select the hues that represent them. The shades and hues evoke specific emotions and help your customers to remember their connections with you.
    • Material options. Did you know that the materials you choose for your signage have a direct impact on the way your customers or clients view your business? For this reason, companies in the financial sector almost always favor metal letters for their lobby signs. The material evokes impressions of longevity, durability, and confidence.
    • Signage choices. Almost all types of businesses will commission a building sign. But far fewer of them also choose to display a monument marker. Of the ones that do, many stick with standard presentations. Those that stand out, however, are the ones that feature bold colors, innovative designs, and unique style elements.

    Selling the Experience Goes Both Ways

    Brand BuildingThus far, we have discussed the use of branding for interactions involving consumers. However, did you know that you also need to focus your brand-building efforts inward? If branding is the promise of a shared-value experience for your customers, what does it represent for your employees? Boosting the feelings of purpose in the workplace creates buy-in opportunities for your workers. Achieve this goal with focused wall graphics and similar signage solutions that present the promise of a positive experience to those who make it happen for the customers.

    Working with Sign Experts on Brand Building

    Brand BuildingAs you can see, branding your business is not something you can leave to chance or hope that it somehow, organically, happens by itself. Instead, it is an intentional effort that draws on several disciplines – color psychology, workplace design, and reputation management – to provide you with a presentation that is unique to your company. Our graphic artists and technicians delight in helping our friends from the local business community to achieve their brand goals one sign at a time. Call us!

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