• A Closer Look at Architectural Sign-Mounting Hardware
    Posted on: February 16, 2017

    When business clients discuss the design, manufacture, and installation of interior signage with the experts at Lightbox Graphix, they are frequently unsure about the mounting part of the selection. Should they ask for the product to be installed flush to the wall? Is there another option? In fact, architectural sign mounting hardware can make a huge difference in the way a product displays.

    Standoffs Boost a 3D Presentation

    architectural sign mounting hardwareThere is a myriad of standoffs you might choose. Although the most common one is the brushed aluminum product with the half-inch diameter, you could also opt for larger pieces, square designs, endless color combinations, or material features. For example, when you feature a blonde wooden suite sign with a removable slate tenant panel, the ideal standoff may be a brass circle with a slate front. It enhances the great looks of the signage but also ties the color combination together. Would an aluminum standoff work just as well? Sure; but it might not offer the same visual aesthetics.

    Airplane Cables Create a Sophisticated, Contemporary Look

    architectural sign mounting hardwareThe cables are not actually used in airplanes. Rather, they are airplane-grade steel that the manufacturer twists into cables. Business clients use them to hang lobby signs from the ceiling or the blades of a wayfinding set of individual markers on a wall. Make the starting and end pieces pronounced or let them fade into the wall hookup without fanfare. Each installation option has merit. We gladly give you our professional recommendation after a site survey.

    Mounting Arms with Brackets for Panel Signage

    architectural sign mounting hardwareWayfinding signs, lobby markers, and informative presentations benefit from the services of a mounting arm complete with brackets. When you want to suspend the product from the ceiling but not use airplane cables, this setup allows for creativity that may even bespeak some traditional style elements. For example, choose a custom-made wrought iron arm or a simple metal construction from which you suspend the product with chains. The result is the display of an overhead sign that is easy to notice. Also, it creates an excellent ambiance in the right setting.

    Discussing Architectural Sign Mounting Hardware with the Experts

    architectural sign mounting hardwareAlthough almost everyone knows about standoffs, far fewer business clients are familiar with the other mounting options, which is a shame. Of course, you can work this to your company’s advantage by selecting one of them for your setting. We typically do not recommend mixing and matching these designs because there can be too much of a good thing. That said, there are ways to combine airplane cables and standoffs in such a way as to be consistent and still create an ambiance that is rich in contemporary flair.

    Moreover, it is possible to expand on the cable setup with a rod system, which can be an ideal display for a building directory or an informative office display with a brand message. Before making these recommendations, we gladly visit your location to take measurements and make a note of the overall ambiance in your setting. Then, we can propose style elements, colors, and similar details.

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