• Why Choose Digital Menu Boards Over Traditional Menus?
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    Posted on: November 30, 2017

    We are living in a technological era and taking advantage of all the available innovations is highly recommended. If we run a business, technology can help us a lot and if we implement some clever characteristics, we can simplify our life and get a better productivity for a smaller investment.

    If we run a restaurant or a cafe, we always have to update our menus, with the latest prices and available products. This can be a waste of money and time, and no matter how hard we try, sometimes we forget to update all the menus.

    Well, that’s no longer the case because now we can benefit from the digital menus.

    Better for Marketing

    When we design a classic menu, we need to fit as many specialties as we can on a page, so we won’t bore our customers. But when it comes to digital menus, this rule doesn’t apply anymore. The customer will be thrilled to scroll through the digital menu’s pages, identifying his favorite food and beverages. Because of that, you can make the design more interactive, with multiple colors and a photo of each specialty. You can even include a small list of recommendations (for example this steak works great with a tomato salad and a glass of wine). Just use your imagination!


    Like we’ve mentioned before, creating and updating a classic menu can be a little time to consume. If you want your employees to do some actual work and not just spend hours updating the menus, you should consider going digital. With a digital menu, you only need one person to design and upload the new menu on the devices. The upload process is centralized and it will be made once on all devices.

    Improved Customer Experience

    A digital menu is also something that makes people remember your business. When going to a restaurant or a cafe, people want to feel special and need something to instigate them. A digital menu, full of interactive features and an appealing presentation of the products, could be perfect for your goal of improving the customers’ experience.

    Design the Best Digital Menus Now

    Since the most important part of a digital menu consists in its design, it’s essential to make sure that it will be absolutely flawless. At Lightbox Graphics, we have the right level of expertise – your future menu will be nothing less than perfect. Contact us today and let’s work together on your next digital menu design!